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good job trying to debate anti-feminism with gifs, that will surely create a great message to those anti-feminists! Womyn Master Race!

oh my goodness! you’re so cute! where did i say that i was trying to debate them? let’s be clear: my intention was to outright mock them. did you miss that point? i tried to be clear with my John Cleese gif:

I mean, when your reason for being “anti-feminist” is because you think women want to grow hair on their bodies to be equal to men and because you can’t carry a piece of furniture up a flight of stairs, you are literally too ridiculously inane for me to take seriously. 


The fact that you had to make fun of each photo you can find of anti-feminists doesn't make us like feminism anymore. No to extreme hate! No to feminism!

Oh my goodness! I AGREE! NO TO EXTREME HATE! I’m not a fan of extreme hate at all!

However, I think you’re terribly confused if you think feminism is about hate — extreme or otherwise, Now, it’s true that there are issues with how some people use feminism to be exclusive or, to reference Ms. Marvel #1, be “concern trolls.” But for the most part, feminism is the super wacky idea that women are equal to men and should be treated/paid/compensated/trusted/etc the same. BLOWING YOUR MIND! I KNOW! ALSO! Feminists* believe that women should be free and empowered to make the choices that make them happy — be it having a family, being child free, getting married, staying single.. and those are just a tiny, tiny percentage of the choices they can make.

(*because no group agrees 100%. I mean, look at gay-hating Christians, gay Christians and all-welcome Christians. All are Christians but they certainly don’t agree.)

As for the photos — they were all posted on Each one was submitted by a woman who publicly wanted to proclaim her issues, however misguided, with feminism. I just chose the ones that were particularly hilarious in their ridiculous misinterpretation of what feminism is. Trust me, I have way too much to do than find photos of ALL the anti-feminists out there. That blog made it easy, and the ladies made themselves easy to mock. Everyone wins!


In honor of the bowling/speed-dating thing I’m going to tonight.

Gee, thanks Katie. I’m on a plane about to take off and now I’m humming “we’re gonna scoooooore tonight… we’re gonna rock, we’re gonna roll, we’re gonna bop, WE’RE GONNA BOWL!”

File Under: People Are Idiots, Leslie Part 692

I just read this article, Women Against Feminism Have a Strange Fixation on Jars, and immediately went to my John Cleese space.

But then I felt that some posts needed to be addressed more clearly:

wait… the lady before said that it was just feminists that were slutty.

It’s true. You can only be a feminist if you can carry pianos, wardrobes and refrigerators up seven flights of stairs. They test you at the local Feminist office — kind of like Firefighter training. If you cannot do such things, your card is revoked.



UK Competition time!

The UK publishers of the Joss Whedon biography by Amy Pascale have given us three copies to give away.

"Using extensive original interviews with many of Whedon’s key collaborators – as well as Joss himself – Amy presents candid behind-the-scenes accounts of the making of ground-breaking shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, and considers Whedon’s distinctive contribution to cinema through movies such as Toy Story, Serenity and superhero epic The Avengers Assemble.

The result is an intimate portrait of the man who re-wrote popular culture and gave it a heart.”

To win a copy, send an email to with the subject heading “UK Competition” and tell us what your favourite Joss Whedon scene is.


  • The book can only be shipped to a valid UK address
  • Only one entry per person will be accepted
  • The competition will close at 6pm BST (GMT+1) on 29th July 2014. No entries after this date will be considered.
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • The judge’s decision is final
  • The winners will be notified via email and asked for their shipping details so the book can be posted to them

The book is out on the 24th in the UK and has a street date release of August 1st in the US and can be ordered at and .

oh hey! live in the UK/Europe and want to win a copy of a book i wrote? send your email to whedonesque! 

(‘murricans, your chance is next week ;))




"How could there have been an orgy at Dashcon, every kid on tumblr needs at least 10 minutes just to explain their sexual orientation"

"I’m asexual, but I really like having sex. I’m also queer, but am only attracted to the opposite sex and…Why are you laughing?"

"I’m demisexual and i don’t know any of you, but an hour in the ball pit may be enough to form a deep emotional bond if you know what i hey where are you going?"


I really, really, really need people who don’t understand Terms of Service language to STOP making giant fear mongering posts about Terms of Service.


See also: Just because you read something on the internet doesn’t make it true.

5 “Deleted Scenes” from “Joss Whedon: The Biography” by Amy Pascale


Amy has very kindly provided Whedonesque with five deleted scenes from her soon to be released biography of Joss Whedon.

1. Joss doesn’t drink coffee, he drinks Typhoo tea and is very particular about how it is served: with half and half, and three little, little teaspoons of sugar.

2. Joss was frustrated that people were not responding to Oz at first (“Possibly because he was usurping Xander’s rightful place as Willow’s paramour,” he says.”). He decided to add the scene in which Willow tries to make out with Oz in order to make Xander jealous in “Innocence.” (Oz declines, fully aware of the situation, and describes how he daydreams about her in class: “I’ll think about kissing you and then everything stops. It’s like, freeze frame. Willow kissage.” He wants to wait because “in my fantasy, when I’m kissing you… you’re kissing me.”) “I actually wrote that to make people fall in love with him. Literally [thought that] this scene will take care of the problem,” he explains. “That was the entirely cynical design of that scene.”

3. In the fifth season, the Buffy writers finally found the right story to take advantage of the fact that Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander, had a twin brother. Many ideas were pitched but “we would never just do evil twin, you know?,” Joss says. “I was thinking of Russian absurdist short stories, like Gogol’s ‘The Double’ and ‘The Nose.’ But what I was really trying to evoke was the time in your life when people start treating you like a grown-up and you didn’t realize that you were one. That’s what that was about.”

4. During construction on Joss and Kai’s home, the house was robbed and their computers and Joss’ guitars were taken. The biggest crime story in their Brentwood neighborhood, however, was when Nicole Brown Simpson, football star O.J.’s ex-wife, was killed in June 1994. The area was inundated with press covering the story, and after, Joss was often asked directions to the home by tourists. The media ascended once again in 1998 as the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. The father of the White House intern who had an affair with President Bill Clinton lived a few blocks down and reporters were camped out to get a quote from him about the national drama.

5. Jay Hunter, Much Ado About Nothing cinematographer, says that it’s possible to out-nerd Joss. “We were shooting a night exterior scene on Much Ado, and I was just chatting with AD and the gaffer and someone brought up Lord of the Rings. I started talking about these scenes that weren’t put in the movie and kind of going into this obscene amount of detail of my knowledge of The Lord of the Rings. Meanwhile, he walked out in the middle of it and stumbled on to the nerdiest conversation of all time. He said, ‘Oh, I can’t do this,’ then had to turn around and walk away.”

Joss Whedon: The Biography is out in the UK on the 24th (Amazon UK link) and will be out in the US on August 1st ( link). An eBook version of the book is available at the publisher’s site.

oh hey! here’s a thing i wrote!



This “Can We Guess Who You Are in 20 Questions” thing is bullshit. 

I kind of see it. It’s in your eyes.


Rarely do I post stuff like this but I felt moved to write something in support of wildland firefighters. It’s a tough, dangerous job that only gets more complex as people build more homes and structures on the wildland-urban interface. This, on top of decades of fire suppression, as well as drought, disease, and insect infestations, that have created a tinderbox across the West.

Firefighters truly do risk their lives out there—some are professionals, some are 18-year-old kids new to the job, and some are everyday FS, NPS, BLM, and other agency folks called into duty. They’re breathing smoke and digging line to protect resources that we as a society say we value from our public lands—and to minimize risks to lives and structures on private land.

If you live in the West, please learn all you can about the fire history, fire policies, and fire risk in your area. Do what you can minimize risks on your property. Be unfailingly cautious with campfires, fireworks, and cigarettes; up to 90% of wildfires are started by people, usually due to carelessness. Consider supporting prescribed burns and let-burn policies where controlled fire can provide ecological benefit and minimize future risk of catastrophic fire. Billions of dollars are now spent each year fighting large-scale wildfires. And, very sadly, lives are lost.