I pretty much sobbed through the first ten minutes of The Good Wife.

i’m still not ready for this.

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High School Is Forever



It’s early. I’m nervous. I’m waiting out the morning rush hour so I can drive to high school. It’s not my high school. I’m 33. It’s been ten years since I taught high school and fifteen years since I attended high school. I’m going to a high school to talk about mental illness, which is a thing…

You should read this.


Although i’m not bipolar, so much of this resonated with me — most of which being the part about the boots. I do the same thing. I’ve often mentioned how most of my shoes are Fluevogs, but I have a select few that I wear when I’m going to an event where I’ll be nervous/anxious/onthevergeofanutterpanicattack. They’re the ones that make me the happiest, but more importantly, they’re the ones that people compliment regularly. They are my armor and my secret weapon to make people like me without realizing it. They are worth every one of the hundreds of dollars that i spend on them because they have paid me back tenfold in strength and comfort.

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NBCUniversal-owned DailyCandy and Television Without Pity Will Be Shut Down | Recode

wow. i’m not shocked, but i’m certainly surprised. 

still, it definitely feels like the final end of an era.

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The Nogitsune also spent a few days at the MTV office and terrorized us with annoying riddles. I blame Kira’s mom. 

I love when a ridiculous conversation turns into a ridiculous idea that people get ridiculously excited about (although the ridic excited might have been just me and the nogitsune at first) and we get to make a wonderfully ridiculous video.

Bonus points:
+ Can you make out my lisp? ;)
+ Check out my mad Nogitsune-cosplay skillz!
+ Notice that the patch is an exact replica of the proper patch!

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The video is pretty fantastic. I will try to channel my inner badass pug today.

The video is pretty fantastic. I will try to channel my inner badass pug today.

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Are you ready to enter a state of HULKAMANIA brother? Recorded LIVE at Largo in Los Angeles, Thomas Lennon joins Paul, June, & Jason to discuss Hulk Hogan in No Holds Barred! They’ll cover everything from dookie pants, to fighting guns with pies, to the dwarf in a cage, to jerking off push ups, to Zeus only speaking twice in the whole movie. Plus, audience Q&A opens up a discussion on the flirty diner waitress, the onscreen romantic relationship of Rip & Sam, and the absence of law enforcement in the film.


I was listening to this on my commute in and i was IN TEARS from laughing so hard. I apparently woke up my friend sleeping next to me from all my (silent?) shaking laughter. 

Seriously one of the best episodes ever. AND I’m only 40 minutes in — there’s a whole additional hour. I CAN’T WAIT!

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A Queen and her Knight.


A Queen and her Knight.

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breakthecitysky replied to your video “A trailer for next week’s episode of “The Good Wife.” It’s not the…”

I don’t even WATCH this and I teared up.

The end part? i was sobbing at my desk. and then i went to blabber at the evil co-worker sending me heartbreaking gifs and i was all ”i loved him/he loved you” in tears. two minutes later, my boss came over and barely choked out ”i loved him/he loved you” through tears. 

this was four hours after we derailed a meeting to talk about the episode. 

(also! i’m very surprised that you don’t watch it!)

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