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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

That second to last panel is chilling.


Amy Poehler’s East Coast Rap.



Brian Williams:  ”The police managed to gain the upper hand last night…”

Yeah. I’m sure that was a real struggle for them, what with the armored cars, and tear gas, and rubber bullets, AND WEAPONS.

Stop making this seem like a fair “fight”. There aren’t two equal sides here. There are oppressors and the oppressed. The victims of police violence, and the perpetrators of that violence.

judygrimes replied to your post “Coca Cola Achieved! Compete and total laziness averted for one…”

omgggg cuties what are their names?

*sigh* they have the most ridiculous names and sound like they were named by 4 year olds… i’ll send you a dm ;)

I assume you're an awesome lady with a wide range of talents. I assume you love your friends. I assume that you care about injustice in the world and the pain of others, sometimes too much. I also assume that, should we ever meet, the nachos are on you. :)

ha! well, i AM an awesome lady.

i wouldn’t say that i have a wide range of “talents,” but i can do a lot of things. i am quite the embodiment of “jack of all trades, master of none.” 

I do love my friends! I see no point in having friends that you don’t like. And I confirm the caring, although i often feel like i’m not doing nearly enough to help and i don’t know what to do to help. 

And actually, you are correct on me getting the nachos! I don’t know if it comes from fighting my dad for the check all the time, or just being happy that i’ve reached a point in my life where i can treat other people but I like picking up the check at a restaurant. Especially when I’m with people I haven’t seen in a very long time. 

Coca Cola Achieved!

Compete and total laziness averted for one more night! (Just “mostly lazy” will reign.)

Here’s a bonus cute photo of my babies.

this-too-too-sullied-flesh replied to your post “[[MOR][[MOR] i really want a coca-cola. but that would involve…”

don’t you live in ny I thought you could get anything delivered

i don’t live in the city, i’m in a suburb about an hour out. less with the delivery, especially just for a can of coke. 

i did find a bra that works okay under the white tank i’m wearing, so that’s a step in the right direction. however, i think i smell a skunk outside and that’s not really enticing me to leave.

(ridiculous issues are ridiculous)

I wanna know what people assume about me because of my tumblr.


Put an assumption in my ask. I’ll confirm or dispute it. I’m not gonna be mean or anything, I’m just very interested. You can go anon if you want.


The above are the first 3 responses to Dr. Redmond’s spot on tweet. This is the boorish behavior that Black people have to deal with from white people for merely speaking out against white supremacy. The harassment from white people towards Black people is constant and virulent. If you’re a Black person speaking out against white supremacy, white people will attack you or at the very least, they will have a major problem with you. They will attack you more than a “good” white person saying the exact same thing. Tim Wise does not put up with an inkling of the abuse Black people endure and he isn’t saying anything new. Discourse about white supremacy from a white mouth is more palatable to the white masses than from the mouths of those victimized by white supremacy.

Ironically, the “good” white people become like the rest of their white brethren when they attempt to separate themselves by saying “not all white people”. They too become a nuisance that everlastingly badgers. They are largely silent about injustice, inequity and marginalization at the hands of white supremacy. However, the minute the marginalized speak out against their abusers, they are quick to lend a voice in defense of the abusers. It’s because even when white people are clearly abusers, other white people still see their humanity. In the face of this abuse, merely pointing out that the perpetrators of the abuse are white angers white people. The abuse itself doesn’t elicit the same level of anger from them.

Another problem are these alleged white liberals. Truth be told, I get more harassment from white liberals than from anyone else. White conservatives don’t hide their disdain for Blackness. For them, it’s a badge of honor. We know where they stand. White liberals in contrast tend to be silent, but will speak up to center themselves in a crisis or will be apologetic towards white abusers, instead of condemning them. Many will not acknowledge that white supremacy even exists. If they do acknowledge a problem, they will wrap it up in empty platitudes about everyone needing to get along, how they don’t see race, how we’re all human, how they have Black friends or whatever post-racial nonsense they ascribe to, as if that addresses white supremacy. They believe that the problem “goes both ways”.

If the above isn’t you as a white person, do not take this as your cue to respond with “not all white people”. As the saying goes, the hit dog will holler. If something does not apply to you, then why are you hollering? Did I hit you? Maybe I did. The only thing many white people can bring themselves to say in response to Black suffering and white supremacy is “not all white people” or "this is reverse racism" or their favorite chopped up MLK Jr. quote “hate cannot drive out hate”. The response from white people is never a unanimous “the system of white supremacy is a scourge that must end and we must fight to end it”. It is never that.

Whiteness will always justify the extermination of Blackness. Mike Brown was gunned down in Ferguson by officer Darren Wilson and the Ferguson police in turn releases video stills of what they claim to be Brown being an alleged criminal days after his murder. This was completely unrelated to his murder, but there is always a reason for dead Black bodies when whiteness governs. So why did they release these stills if the Ferguson police themselves have admitted that it is completely unrelated to Brown’s murder at the hands of officer Darren Wilson? They did it to smear his image. This is a tactic of white supremacy. It always smears the image of a Black victim.

When Black people are victimized and dehumanized, they still aren’t quite human in the eyes of many white people. At least not on the level of white humanity. It’s why a white terrorist like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can be put on the cover of Rolling Stone, like he’s a heartthrob in a boy band, and be described as “popular and promising”, while unarmed Black people murdered by white people are criminalized in death. Their image gets smeared because full victimhood is relegated to whiteness. Innocence and chasteness will be awarded to a white murderer before a Black murder victim.

I don’t argue or engage with white people on this subject anymore. This Malcolm X quote is forever relevant. I’ll respond or say my piece if need be, but I won’t debate a white person about Black humanity. My response to “good” white folks will always be “go and get your people”. That’s all I have to say to them. Truly good white people don’t need to be told that. They know. Word to John Brown.