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Have to disagree with Aziz here. My probem with Jamm is that there are so many horrible politicians IRL, and even though Parks often parodies modern politics, there’s a kindness too. Jamm is just one-dimensionally mean and not at all funny. I find it really difficult to rewatch scenes that he’s in, and unfortunately his scenes are almost always with Leslie. Just a huge misstep on Schur et al.’s parts, IMO. I don’t watch Parks to suffer through mean assholes. 

As a Parks castmember and longtime Glaser fan, I am biased, but Jeremy Jamm might be the best TV villain since Gus Fring.

I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been having a really difficult time with Jamm — he irritates me the whole time he’s on the screen — and you nailed why: Jamm is just one-dimensionally mean and not at all funny. 

For a good villian, he needs to have his own viewpoint, his own code that he lives by because he doesn’t walk around going “i’m the villain.” He’s not there simply to set up the hero’s next line of dialogue.

We’ve never been giving a real perspective for Jamm aside from “I’m an asshole, and I do what I want.” He wants Leslie’s bathroom and he wants Paunch Burger to go in Lot 48, and he wants to tell people that they got “Jammed.” So he’s selfish, has a big ego and doesn’t care about anyone — why should we care about him? The show hasn’t given us any reason to. 

Hell, Seinfeld’s nemesis Newman is a far more compelling sitcom villain than Jamm.

And don’t make him beat your ass down for hearing your lame comparison, Aziz: 

You come at the king, you best not miss.