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That is an AWESOME photo what a great trip! And I would love you see you rockin it on TAR. :D

Aw, thank you! I went with my friend Angela, and we’ve had a running joke for the past 4 years that we’ll go on TAR together. She’s a great navigator (for the most part, the Bangkok Doll Museum adventure notwithstanding — although we took solace in the alcoholic ice cream shop afterwards) and the cutest little Chinese-speaking Taiwanese girl that people love to talk to and help. I can get us by in Spanish and Russian and have promised to learn how to drive stick. 

HOWEVER, we both have the same fears — open heights and weird foods. She is terrified of small furry animals and llamas and I’m in the worst shape and have no stamina nor upper body strength at all. So we’d be the most ridiculous team, but we’d have a great time doing it. And since Angela insists that we have ice cream every day, it will be a most delicious trip!

Some more of my skills include: 

* Having an allergic reaction to my anti-malaria medication and my face turns blotchy red in any amount of sunshine. (this below was after a rainfall with limited sun.)

* Sweating so much in a hot climate that I need to wear a scarf around my head all the time because my hair is constantly drenched.

  * Having no shame (alcoholic ice cream or not), that I will do fairly ridiculous things in public.  (here at the Siam Paragon mall)

* Try to convince you to get a traditional bamboo tattoo, and when asked simply, “why don’t you do it?” I will decide to be impetuous and endure the pain of having a bunch of needles jammed into me for an hour.

  1. princessgeorge said: A) you both sound like delightful traveling companions. B) I share a problem with you - I don’t think my hair was ever dry the whole time in SE Asia. Have a shower, start to sweat. Maybe that one weekend at a Malaysian hill station…
  2. ginamak said: I love the scarf! Why did I not think of this before (I sweat like mad too)?
  3. dashakay said: You’re adorable!
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