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  1. stars-inthe-sky said: Nope, right there with you. I loved the end results, and the Leslie-Ron scene in the jail, but Jamm was just awful. I had the same sort of issue with Bobby Newport (who at least meant well)—they’re just not interesting opponents.
  2. princessgeorge said: Nope, I’m with you. Not interesting, even as a device.
  3. code-name-duchess said: I’m basically just pretending that part didn’t exist.
  4. sullenaquarian said: I do not understand how he can keep his job after what he did at the gala.
  5. judygrimes said: nah def a popular opinion no one likes him and his five bathrooms
  6. iloveyouandilikeyou said: not unpopular. it didn’t make sense to me, but on the whole, i’m forgetting about him in the grand scheme of the episode.
  7. parksandseth said: i agree! but i’m so happy that somebody punched him
  8. ryeloza said: I choose to ignore his existence.
  9. pleasant-tomorrow said: no i’ve seen a lot of that. not a good character at all. he’s not funny to watch, just painful.
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