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princessgeorge replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

Nope, I’m with you. Not interesting, even as a device.

code-name-duchess replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

I’m basically just pretending that part didn’t exist.

judygrimes replied to your post: probably an unpopular opinion

nah def a popular opinion no one likes him and his five bathrooms

parksandseth replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

i agree! but i’m so happy that somebody punched him

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

not unpopular. it didn’t make sense to me, but on the whole, i’m forgetting about him in the grand scheme of the episode.

I get that he and his actions were the catalyst to get everyone back to City Hall and the Parks department, but it was poorly done. It felt stupid, in a show that is filled with absurdity yet never feels stupid. if Jamm had been a better developed character, it have MAYBE upped the stakes but it never seemed to feel like the wedding was really in jeopardy. And because there were no stakes, they went for stinkbombs which, again, felt cheesy and stupid, without even a shred of cleverness.

sullenaquarian replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

I do not understand how he can keep his job after what he did at the gala.

Ugh, I know. Unless they’re going the Dexhart route wherein NO ONE EVER HAS TO DEAL WITH REPERCUSSIONS, he should be recalled. We know he won’t resign as the only characteristic he’s been given is that he’s an asshole.

pleasant-tomorrow replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

no i’ve seen a lot of that. not a good character at all. he’s not funny to watch, just painful.

stars-inthe-sky replied to your post: probably an unpopular opinion

Nope, right there with you. I loved the end results, and the Leslie-Ron scene in the jail, but Jamm was just awful. I had the same sort of issue with Bobby Newport (who at least meant well)—they’re just not interesting opponents.

I think this is the place where Parks tends to do a less-than-great job in the later season: creating villains/opponents. It’s almost like they’re intimidated by making a whole-season villain so the ones that come out are fairly one-dimensional and cartoonish. Yet the recurring antagonistic characters — Joan Callamezzo, Marcia Langman, Tammy 2 — actually have a point of view and are far more relatable and compelling. 

The only longterm interesting opponent so far has been Jen Barkley.

  1. rikyl said: I’m with you. He was an annoying, poorly written distraction in an otherwise beautiful tribute to the awesomeness of Parks. I miss the more ordinary opponents for Leslie like Marcia Langman or Greg Pikitis—people who could really exist.
  2. judygrimes said: ooh, i love jen barkley.
  3. iloveyouandilikeyou said: Though they did have that throwaway line where he was getting a cut of paunchburger’s profits, so at least we understand his motivation?
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