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I love the scarf! Why did I not think of this before (I sweat like mad too)?

We bought a ridiculous amount of silk and cotton scarves at the Siam Reap Old Market, because it’s easy to bargain down when you buy a ridiculous amount. I carried one around in case I needed to cover up when going into a temple, and then used them to wipe all the sweat from my head. Which lead to me wrapping it around my head and realizing that kept ALL THE SWEAT from pouring down my face and hid my drenched hair. It’s really the best idea ever.

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A) you both sound like delightful traveling companions. B) I share a problem with you - I don’t think my hair was ever dry the whole time in SE Asia. Have a shower, start to sweat. Maybe that one weekend at a Malaysian hill station…

We were! I had learned many lessons the year earlier with an incredibly difficult traveling companion (thank goodness for my new Xanax prescription!). On the first night, I told Angela that if she ever needed time to herself or if I was annoying her to just tell me. I’d recommend having that deal with anyone you travel with – it takes the pressure off everyone having to be in the best!mood!ever! and gives you an out when you need some time alone.

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