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people who refer to t fey as a feminist role model tho

Speaking as a direct age and family peer to Tina (as in, within a couple of years of her age; more or less the same age of kids), she’s a feminist role model because she’s continuing to work in her chosen field, to work hard and excel and not apologize for that. 

The number of people who immediately, fucking instantly, assume that any given career decision I may make has to do with spending more time with my kids, would knock your socks off. Truly. Women especially.

This may be setting the bar uncomfortably low, but the notion that she works long hours without going onto talk shows to bemoan the idea that she’s “missing her kid’s childhood” or some such bullshit (which, as far as I know, she doesn’t) is in itself still qualification for being a feminist role model. 

I’m quite sure she creates just a tiny bit more breathing room for me to stare blankly at people who say jackass things to me, in business settings, where I’m trying to sell them services. As if they would ever in a gazillion years dream of saying that to a man. 

And that’s enough to clear that hurdle, for me. I’ll take it. Call me cynical. But that’s where we’re at. 

I wholeheartedly agree. If I read another article that calls a woman a “career woman” in reference to her choice not to be a mother, I will kick that author in the shins. (The argument about the fact that no guy is ever called a “career man” is a whole other rant.) So the fact that Tina Fey is a well-known and excellent writer, Executive Producer and general lady who gets shit done is super awesome and inspiring to me. 

As I’m sure most know: Tina Fey worked in the Chicago improv scene, went to SNL and became the FIRST FEMALE HEAD WRITER in 1999 and stayed through 2006 when she left to writer, produce and star in her own series. A series in which the character that she created is talented and a bit of a mess, but owns her issues and is pretty unapologetic about being this flawed person (even when she is working on said issues). That sounds pretty feminist to me.

What is the argument against Fey being a feminist? Because she got married and has kids? Or that Liz Lemon and the characters she played in romantic comedies end up in a relationship? Liz Lemon’s end goal in the series is not marriage and she isn’t suddenly seemed “worthy” because a man has decided that she is. Romantic comedies, well, they’re generally going to end with a pairing or two. And being in a relationship isn’t anti-feminist either. 

There is a lot of rallying around “this is what a feminist looks like” and “i need feminism because…” to show both that feminism encompasses all kinds of people who share the same belief that gender inequality is wrong (yes, I know i’m being simplistic here) and that we are still so far back in that fight every time someone says "You can get away with asking stupid questions because you’re a woman" and “You don’t want to talk about tax stuff. You want to talk about being pregnant and babies.”

Also, I don’t think that to be a feminist, you must be on the front line and publicly fighting the good fight every waking moment. A lot of times, we’re just as influenced by awesome women who live the life that they want to lead and through that show us that we can do it too.

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    nah, the arguments i’ve seen agaist tina fey being a feminist aren’t anything to do with her motherhood or career...
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    You guys, I can’t even count on my two hands the number of slut-shaming/body-policing comments she has made over the...
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    ^^^What she said. But she always makes a ton of sense. Always.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. If I read another article that calls a woman a “career woman” in reference to her choice not to...
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    I love Tina Fey, but agree that I don’t know if I would call her a feminist role model. Would she call herself a...
  12. galentines said: I’ve always said this. Shes never put that label on herself. She shies away for it usually.
  13. mediacrisis said: I love Tina Fey, but can we just take a moment to realize her frazzled independent woman characters always end up in a monogamous heterosexual relationship like thats the only end game?
  14. airbefore said: i agree. also, her brand of ‘feminism’ involves a lot of shaming and judgment. i think this tswift stuff is stupid but tina isn’t the paragon of feminism that everyone is making her out to be.
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    Speaking as a direct age and family peer to Tina (as in, within a couple of years of her age; more or less the same age...