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    Everything Elle said. I don’t understand why Tina Fey should be considered a feminist role model just because she works...
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    nah, the arguments i’ve seen agaist tina fey being a feminist aren’t anything to do with her motherhood or career...
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    You guys, I can’t even count on my two hands the number of slut-shaming/body-policing comments she has made over the...
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    ^^^What she said. But she always makes a ton of sense. Always.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. If I read another article that calls a woman a “career woman” in reference to her choice not to...
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    I love Tina Fey, but agree that I don’t know if I would call her a feminist role model. Would she call herself a...
  11. galentines said: I’ve always said this. Shes never put that label on herself. She shies away for it usually.
  12. mediacrisis said: I love Tina Fey, but can we just take a moment to realize her frazzled independent woman characters always end up in a monogamous heterosexual relationship like thats the only end game?
  13. airbefore said: i agree. also, her brand of ‘feminism’ involves a lot of shaming and judgment. i think this tswift stuff is stupid but tina isn’t the paragon of feminism that everyone is making her out to be.
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    Speaking as a direct age and family peer to Tina (as in, within a couple of years of her age; more or less the same age...