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i’ve missed out on asking people questions in the current memes, but i have one that i’d love to see answered if anyone reading is up to it:

What is the one story about YOU that you eventually tell everyone you know? 

What story do you tell people as part of a way to explain you, especially in a particular time in your life?

i’m utterly fascinated by people’s mythologies — the key stories that define them.

Reblog/link me to your stories!

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    I’ve been pondering this again, and would love to read more stories from people. (I wrote a longer explanation, with my...
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    I need to think about this.
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    I probably have a lot of those “Rare Roast Beef” stories myself (being high functioning autistic does lend itself to...
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    I think about this somewhat often, because I don’t have a story I tell people about myself. I tend to go for stories...
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    stories about injuries and legs with metal (naturally) speak to me. I want to hear more of them.
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    1) Getting my best friend’s dog sent to jail. It’s my best story. b) When I was around 12-13, I was at a sleepover at a...
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    The most defining point in my life was in September 2007: Walking down a hill between dorms to switch my laundry, I...
  9. rikyl said: ooo, interesting … I will have to think about this.