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Classic Children’s Books Starring ‘Parks and Rec’ Characters

this. is. wonderful.

Pandering fic for amypop


April, season 3

“Why have I never seen this before?” April demanded.

“It used to be on all the time, like when I was a teenager, but I guess you weren’t old enough for MTV back then,” Andy said, shrugging. 

She marathoned the entire series in three days (live-texting it with Orin), and the third night, she dreamed Ya Heard? With Perd had been canceled and replaced with Sick, Sad WorldIt was a good dream.

On Monday, she wore a green hoodie over an orange shirt.

The realization that April probably didn’t grow up with Daria hurts my heart a little, but stillcape makes it all better.


strange things are afoot @ the circle k: stillscape: Ethel Beavers being super good at dating is maybe the most…



Ethel Beavers being super good at dating is maybe the most delightful tiny bit of continuity yet. Pawnee’s seniors know how to get it on.

I just hope that she practiced safe sex. We all know about the STDs in the senior community.

I feel that Ethel would be a most…

Can you see Ethel handing out condoms? “Take one, or don’t take one. Use it if you feel like it. I don’t care, do what you want.” 

That little scene makes me happy that I once had Ethel fantasizing about shirtless Chris, I must say.


This really needs to be an episode. And there needs to be 100% more Ethel Beavers on the show.


That was one of my favorite early April & Andy moments—they both like old people. And, as we saw in in “The Bubble” old people think they’re adorable.

So basically April and Andy need to work with Ethel to teach old people about safe sex. It would be perfect.

You know, with Andy working with Ben at Sweetum’s Charity Foundation, I think it makes PERFECT SENSE that he goes to check out a non-profit sexual health organization that focuses on seniors. But he needs a senior to go with him, so he takes Ethel and April ends up having to drive. And of course, hijinks and confusion abound and it’s either assumed that they’re all in some kind of polyamorous relationship or that Andy and Ethel are in a May-December romance and April is Ethel’s disapproving granddaughter.

Spoilery Citizen Knope Pics

This time, more plot-ish, i think. and again, behind a cut.

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