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So I purchased Ms Marvel #6 but haven't read it (or the proceeding comics) yet, mostly because I purchased it on a whim and never read comics. Do you love it, and will I love it?

YES! I love it and I’m completely new to the title so I think you will love it too. Kamala’s fantastic — you should def start from #1 because they just started her story and it’s so easy to catch up very quickly! 





it super is just a matter of time and it’s terrifying. she probably won’t take you to a dark, abandoned building with a friend the second time you meet her. I said probably.

God, you take your friend who recently moved to town and who hasn’t yet developed a support network to a dark, abandoned building ONCE and she brings it up literally every time you suggest yourself to be the trustworthy sort who doesn’t have literal skeletons in your closet 

i’m not afraid of you anymore. i know how to get you to leave me alone: create a fortress of hamburgers, cream cheese dips,  and dogs.

Won’t the dogs eat the hamburgers

Is it wrong that i read the last line in the voice of Hannibal Lecter? Which completely destroys your argument that you aren’t a creepy person trying to kill your friends?

"Won’t the dogs eat the hamburgers, Clarice?" 

lokiloo replied to your post “my (probably) last post on the refashionista OMG!SCANDAL!”

Wow I am blown away by people and their need to find fault in everything

As much as I like tumblr for bringing issues and events to a much larger audience, some people really need to rethink their priorities. 

missnumbat replied: 

Great post.

diaphenia replied:

I love everything this post chooses to be. The way tumblr lost their minds over this lady is precious.

XOXO ladies :)

and yes! i just… i try to come up with other descriptions but I keep coming back to “precious.” I also particularly love how 98% of the people commenting never actually looked at her blog and made all these judgements on a post that someone else made. 

sullenaquarian replied:

Oh Tumblr. You get offended so fucking easily. (Wait, I’m a white, straight, cis-gendered, middle-class Jewish American. I’m pretty sure just writing this reply would offend someone in Tumblr Land).

Hrm. You’re right. Are you sure you’re not triggered by sparkles? Or possibly you’re not a lady, but in fact an otherkin and you just didn’t know what your pronoun options are. (Trying to help you knock some of the pegs out of your privilege to get you more credibility on Tumblr.)




I found this great blog today and had to share it :D 

Refashionista is an amazing seamstress who refashions awful thrift-store finds into new clothes and some of these results are so amazing?? Check her out! :D

Let’s get this straight — someone on tumblr found this girl’s website, liked what she did, chose a few pictures (out of the many outfits) she posted and recommended people check it out. And because some of the clothes were plus-sized in the photos that the OP chose, the angry, flaily hands of tumblr has decided that refashionista is LITERALLY stealing from poor fat people, mocking all fat people and basically is ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD.

Oh tumblr, you’re so precious in your predictability. Did anyone bother to go to her site? Read her bio and explanation about how she doesn’t have a lot of money so she decided to start redesigning her own clothes from clothes she could afford from the thrift store? See the actual descriptions on the photos that so many have called MOCKING AND SMUG?

Blue Robe — “I hide my emotions beneath a mask of goofy faces. The embroidery around the neck is lovely, and that dark blue looks awesome with my pale skin and dark hair.  There’s soooo much potential here!  Also, let’s all take a moment to appreciate how flippin’ comfy this thing is and how easily I could have chosen to not refashion it and just wear it around the house.”

The Black Dress — “What the what?!?  I look like I just stepped out of a Dynasty rerun!”

Green Dress in which she’s stretching over her head, as a reference to a photo with a dress she likes — “The cold makes me sleeepy!”

Green Dress w/Velvet patches — “I dug the dress, but just couldn’t come up with a good way to save the jacket part”


And how about those poses! Whereas one could look at said photos and see that she was showing what the original garment looked like, and what the fabric was like and how much there was to work with, it’s SO MUCH MORE LOGICAL that she took each one JUST TO MOCK FAT PEOPLE.

Oh hey! Here’s a jumper that was too small for her, and another! — what attack should we take here?

I feel bad for her — she didn’t make this post on tumblr but she’s being treated like troll who is violently attacking anyone larger than a size 2. I’ve read so many vitriolic posts on this and none of them have swayed me to believe that this woman is the devil incarnate. Dig her sewing, don’t dig her sewing — I don’t care. I don’t love it all, but i think she has some good ideas and I like that she takes detailed pics of her progress. And I, GASP, A FAT GIRL, want to try some of them.

But no matter how you feel about her final results, one woman who occasionally buys a garment that is a big on her is not THIS HUGE PROBLEM THAT IS ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD.

I’ve spent a bit of time now perusing her blog, and here are some facts:

1. Jillian, the lady with the blog, is probably a size four two (I found a post where she repurposed a size zero skirt that was too small, and one where she was swimming in a size eight). While the pictures here highlight dramatic transformations, most of the stuff she refashions is around her size, maybe a few sizes bigger, sometimes smaller, all straight-sized clothes. Yes, she took a few plus-sized garments, but even the pictures above on this post are mostly stuff that’s straight-sized, because she’s thin. At most, four of those items are plus-sized. Maybe.  

2. She is or was poor. Most/many of the items she buys are Goodwill dollar per pound items, which means they’re one step away from trashed. Many of the items she buys have holes or weird stains or are otherwise unlikely to be useful to people as-is. Some things, like pit stains, are never going to come out, so she chops the arm holes off. 

3. Thrift stores rely on turnover. I don’t do a lot of it now, but I used to shop thrift stores regularly. I would see the same items there again and again. Look, you can leave stuff there with the hopes that someone more deserving (by whatever metric you want)  picks them up, but the people that work there would love to bring out the stuff from the back. Turnover of stock=more reason for shoppers to come in= more for the workers to do=more money for the charity.

There’s no perfect solution out there. Jillian feels passionately about reducing fashion waste, and in the process has offended people by buying a few plus-sized garments. It’s possible a plus-sized lady would’ve purchased all of the above, and rocked those dresses hard, but it’s also possible they might have gotten trashed, or purchased and left in a closet for six years, or gotten damaged in-store. 

I also hope there’s a plus-size revolution one day, with amazing outfits for all! In the meantime, I think it would help to stop focusing on tiny potatoes and start focusing on the real enemy: the fashion world, which has created a lack of accessibility and availability of beautiful, flattering fashion for all sizes

Reblogging for important points. 

Okay, you Mindy Project people — all your gif sets, posts, squeeing is putting that show on my hospital/recovery* list. you win. i should be caught up by the end of the month. 

(*not minor but not major. pretty routine. all should be fine.)

ugh, yesterday kicked my ass. actually, the whole week kicked my ass. yesterday just pushed me over. i’ll catch up on life… eventually.

princessgeorge replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

I’m about the same - I’ll watch but I’ll let it pile up, and it’s just nowhere near as good as it used to be. Which still makes it an OK show. But I’m not really invested. (Aside: I need to talk to you abt Fleuvogs, will msg you!)

I feel the way I did about HIMYM — i kept watching although i didn’t really care about anyone anymore. It wasn’t until Barney’s manipulation of Robin, where he broke her down again and again, was brushed away with “oh, but it’s okay because he proposed and isn’t that the most romantic thing ever?!?” that i was so angry that I gave it up. 

I’m not angry with Parks, just disappointed. I just checked my TIVO and realized that i missed even more than I thought, and I have very little interest in checking them out. That makes me sad — I miss the excited anticipation, the ache I had for everything to come in those 30 minutes. I’m sad that at 10pm on a Thursday, i realize that I’d forgotten that Parks was even on that night.

slackmistress replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

I feel like it’s become about the situations and not about the characters. (I feel the same way about Community, too) That always ruins it for me.

From the Parks season premiere, I was disappointed in how the writers seemed to forget who their characters were — well, aside from RON BEING ALL-KNOWING SAGE. And with forgetting who their characters are, their character arcs and paths feel patched together rather than the deliberate and lovely arcs they’d had in seasons earlier. I agree, we don’t need wacky situations — the show handled wacky in the most entertaining and engaging way when it was placed in relatable situations. 

(Aside from the premiere, I haven’t seen Community this season, but i can see that happening.)

rikyl replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

That’s too bad but understandable. I don’t really trust this show like I used to, in regards to how they’re going to handle this.

I’m a big believer in “trust the tale, not the teller,” but I don’t trust the show at all. I honestly feel like the endgame is now “hey, wasn’t it funny that i wanted to be President? That was so dumb of me — HAVING BABIES IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT!” We’ve already seen them spend two seasons explaining why Ann and Chris were a bad match only to turn around and say “HEY! BABIES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN A COMPATIBLE RELATIONSHIP! EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE BABIES!”

And with Diane getting pregnant, that’s three pregnancies in one season. Is it lazy storytelling or a deliberate message that the only important thing in life is to have babies? I’m just not interested in following the Ann and Leslie sharing their pregnancy/labor/child-rearing adventures. 

Part of why I’m so disappointed in that is because the show did such a wonderful job of illustrating the idea of making a family out of your friends, and now it seems to be saying that kind of family is nothing and worthless compared to the one you procreate. 

diaphenia replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

Fair point

I was so excited to have an awesome lady who loved her life, her husband, her relationships and was unapologetically ambitious in her career. Even if they don’t decide to make Leslie give up on her grand-scale political ambitions, they will inevitably be weighed against the “can she have it all?” question that is never, ever posed to men. 

I completely respect that Schur, Poehler et al have the right to guide their series the way they want, but I don’t know if it’s something that interested in joining along anymore. 

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Love it love it love it!

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that’s such a pretty shade of blue, i love it!!

continuants replied to your post:

that color is so perfect on you!!!! i love it!

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It looks so great!

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I love it.

Thank you all so much! I’m really happy with it — and kind of impressed with myself that I was able to dye my hair and not have it all fall out. (I tried the coconut oil method which definitely helped.)

chasingshhadows replied to your post “how i look now, in case anyone was wondering.”

LOVE IT. ughhh i want to go back to colored hair but it’s SO hard to maintain

I know! I’ve given up on reds because they’re so hard to keep. Years ago, I had permanent red dye wash out in two weeks as well. I’ve actually found semi-permanent blues that I mix in with Special Effects (which stays a very long time in my hair).

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I’ve always loved you with blue hair.
xoxo. it really does suit me the best, doesn’t it? and i figure i can wear it like this well into little old lady age. (and i will be a *little* old lady — at 5’2” i was towering over my aunts at a family gathering this weekend.)
(and yes, i know this is a blatant post of people saying nice things about me. i don’t care. you all are radiant pygmy marmosets and i so needed a boost right now.)
I just found my photoshopped version of stillscape’s owl that i tried to convince her to make. and now i’m a little sad that i didn’t make everyone crazy-eyed cardigan-ed owls for my big holiday crafting initiative. 

I just found my photoshopped version of stillscape’s owl that i tried to convince her to make. and now i’m a little sad that i didn’t make everyone crazy-eyed cardigan-ed owls for my big holiday crafting initiative. 

next up in"nice things for other people":

a peppy, fun mix for diaphenia: 

99 Problems — Jay-Z & Danger Mouse
Bang Bang Bang Bang — Sohodolls
Michael — Franz Ferdinand
Ooh Ooh Baby — Britney Spears
Timebomb — Old 97’S
Counting Back to 1 — Beautiful Small Machines 

and a special mix for breakthecitysky

New In Town — Little Boots
Kiss Them for Me — Siouxsie and the Banshees
Private Helicopter — Harvey Danger
Freak Scene — Dinosaur Jr.
The Wishing Song — Tugboat Annie
Sucka MoFo — Northern State

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Happy birthday, you gorgeous creature!

thank you! xoxo

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It twas, indeed! (i don’t always announce such things as my birthdays are often less than happy. but this was a good one.) Thanks lady!

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Aww. Happy birthday!

thanks pumpkin! :)