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stars-inthe-sky answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

"Shaking my head," isn’t it? Although I always just read it as a frustrated noise.

princessgeorge answered: 

I only knew “shaking my head” - these answers informed me of “so much hate” but I’m very old vs. tumblr’s demographic

iloveyouandilikeyou replied: 

Shake my head or so much hate. Depends on context.

This is what I found out today — “shaking my head” seems so weird to me. Weird and kinda lame. It’s like a shrug — “i shake my head at you.” Why even bother posting a reaction? It’s nowhere near as aggressively silly and fun as *SHAKY FISTS OF DOOM* ;)

(none of that is aimed at you all, i was just very surprised that people use “smh” for “shaking my head” and IT FEELS SO WRONG.)

zambonirider answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

so much hate?

fulltimeprocrastinator answered:

so much hate??

principia-coh answered: 

So Much Hate

breakthecitysky replied: 

I always THOUGHT it was “so much hate” but have been repeatedly informed its “shaking my head.”

fearless-fan answered: 

So much hate - I remember hearing it actually means shaking my head, but I had been reading it as so much hate for so long that it stuck!

meinnim answered: 

So much hate. I didn’t know it also meant shaking my head.

sullenaquarian answered: 

I prefer So Much Hate.

ginamak answered: 

I always read it as “so much hate.” But then I am a terrible person.

Ha, well, if you’re terrible than I’m terrible and we’re all terrible! It makes me happy that so many more people (that responded) use it for “so much hate.”

I remember looking it up ages ago — probably when I first saw it on ONTD. It just fits “SO MUCH HATE”— and in these three small letters, it feels like that murmur under your breath when someone does something horrible or pisses you the fuck off. 

missnumbat replied to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

Sydney Morning Herald.

you win, missnumbat! from now on, i will read all frustrated SMH posts in an australian accent, decrying their anguish with their newspaper.

stillscape replied to your photo “I just found my photoshopped version of stillscape’s owl that i tried…”

Poor unfinished owl has been shoved in a drawer and forgotten about, I’m afraid.

If only you gave her a cardigan, she wouldn’t be so sad, alone and cold. 

ginamak replied to your video “This video is your reward for making it to Friday.  This video will…”

I love you so much for this.

It is so happy-making! You needed it! Everyone needed it!

gimmesorbet replied to your post “i just beat level 500 in Candy Crush Saga. this will undoubtedly be…”

i never played but i’ve seen people ~struggling, so you go girl!!

It truly is like candy-flavored crack. I’ve told people just starting to walk away, don’t get involved. It will only lead to madness! 

judygrimes replied to your post “judygrimes replied to your post “I needed new mascara so I got the…”

man, i totally need an awesome bra that fits perfectly. i mean, i don’t //need// a bra at all, really, but i’d like a cute one that fits awesome, all the same.

Pshaw — if you want to wear a bra, it should be an awesome bra! I primarily have recommendations in the larger sizes, but there are great bras out there for the smallest of us ;) Just avoid Victoria’s Secret. Great nylons, crappy bras. 

breakthecitysky answered to your post “random poll i’m thinking of redoing the popgurls site again, and…”

I like A better but B feels more like popgurls to me? Also guuuurl make me an assignment. ;)

lokiloo answered to your post “random poll i’m thinking of redoing the popgurls site again, and…”

A. and i’d write for you

romanticalgirl answered your post: random poll i’m thinking …

I like option A

ginamak answered your post: random poll i’m thinking …

A. Definitely A.
The A’s have it! I was leaning that way myself. I did think that B felt more like what we had been doing, but I think a big change is in order. 
And my ladies with offers to write — i will definitely be following up soon! :D


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1. What was your first email address/screen name?

i got my first email account in my freshman year of college. It was a VAX account — v055rxlr. and the fact that i can remember that from 21yrs ago is madly impressive.

I’m pretty sure my first screen name was amygurl, which is a nickname I sort of had in HS and definitely had in college. I still use it a lot.

2. If you could pick one awards ceremony/show to attend, what would it be? 

Hrm. Awards shows make me kind of tense, but I’ve been to the VMAs a few times and they’re actually pretty engaging in person. The Golden Globes seems fun — I’ll go with that :)

3. When was the last time you got caught in the rain?

Oh goodness, I often do because, despite owning a ridiculous amount of umbrellas, I rarely have them with me. Sometime over the summer, I couldn’t get a ride and had to walk a half-mile on the highway in pouring rain to get to where I’d parked my car.

4. What’s the weirdest injury you’ve ever sustained?

How about when I fractured my foot in three places when I did a cartwheel that went terribly awry in June 2007? One of the fractures is considered a lisfranc injury which is often seen in football players because of how they stand on their toes/balls of their feet before the snap. I threw up and nearly passed out from the pain, the ER said it was just a bad sprain and the next day, my foot swelled up to something frightening — i looked like Shrek.

Two days later, I found out the severity and I should have had surgery then, not in Jan 2009. It’s never healed properly and so it’s just a chronic pain situation. However, i did get to ride on a knee scooter for three months!

5. What are you doing for New Year’s?

NYE was a big thing with my extended family when I was young and I miss it. Nowadays, I tend to pop over to a friend’s house and go to the local ball drop in Pawnee which is always a comedy of errors. Other than that, nothing. 

6. Be honest: how often do you use Facebook?

All the time. I play a few ridiculous games on it and so I check in on those several times. Plus, it’s an easy way to keep in touch with friends all over the country/world.

6. What’s your favorite made-up-in-a-TV-show-or-movie-or-whatever sport? (e.g., Calvinball, Flonkerton, etc.)

I have no idea! Quidditch, maybe? Ohhh! Does the scavenger hunt in Midnight Madness count?

7. One horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

OMG. 100 duck-sized horses! I see them like corgis in my head. Now I want to lay on the ground and play with 100 duck-sized horsies!

8. Bowties or regular ties?

I love a regular tie on a guy/girl in a suit, but bow ties make me smile whenever i see them. So bow ties? 

9. If you could instantaneously be able to speak another language fluently, what would it be?

I’ve studied Spanish and Russian and am so out of practice that I’d love to get them both back. If I had to pick one - probably Russian, or Japanese. I love learning a new language but I’d be so happy to have the intricacies of grammar and verb tense and vocabulary burned into my brain without the painful slodge of learning it all.

10. Describe your handwriting.

My handwriting is pretty fantastic when I’m paying attention. It completely changed when I started studying Russian — cyrillic, especially handwritten cyrillic, is a very distinct and so I had to make a point of understanding all the letters because many are very similar. That exactness changed the way I wrote entirely. 


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1. What is one of your irrational fears?

2. What channel do you flip to when you turn on the TV?

3. What websites do you like to window shop on?

4. If you could ask everyone a question and they’d have to answer honestly, what would it be?

5. Sleeping in late or going to bed early?

6. Do you have any superstitions?

7. You are suspicious of people who _________. (fill in the blank)

8. You get to be a rock star for a day. What band would you play with, and what would the groupies have to say to score some backstage time with you?

9. If someone made you into an action figure, what would you be wearing and what would be your special power?

10. What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten?

ballroompink replied to your photo “Adding insult to the numerous injuries of this weekend, my credit card…”

Sorry about your credit card issues. Mommie Dearest is a good parenting tool, I wanted to add, ask my mom.

I saw your post about that and wanted to respond! Mommie Dearest was on HBO all the time when I was growing up, so I saw it A LOT.* I was so completely fascinated by the story and read the book several times. Whenever I see Diana Scarwid, I get all sorts of giddy. (Wonderfalls, gah.)

*I have this intense love for the early HBO stalwarts like Grease 2, Mommie DearestTeen Witch, Date With an Angel, Midnight Madness, My Best Friend is a Vampire, Kidco, and The Legend of Billie Jean. And don’t get me started on Braingames

meinnim replied to your post: Adding insult to the numerous…

I’m so sorry about your credit card and your bad weekend. Huuugs. Ah Mommie Dearest. I could never look at hangers the same way again after seeing that movie.

HA! me neither! that, and the whole bathroom being covered in Comet (the scene from that gif) freaked me out because it would taken FOREVER to clean up. Why that stayed with me, I have no idea.

ghostbeez replied to your post: Adding insult to the numerous…

God that’s…..that’s just horrible. =0 Can you do anything? I hope you can, that’s just not fair, uggh.

I have to say that Chase was on top of it immediately — I got an email and within 30 seconds of me hitting the “one or more of these purchases are not authorized” link, they were calling me to deal with it. It’s just annoying — no debit card for a week — and a super frustrating way to end a really crappy weekend.

stillscape replied to your post: Adding insult to the numerous…

Ugh. That is the worst. I hope things look up this week.

Thanks. I’m hoping against hope this week is better than the last. 

ginamak replied to your post: Adding insult to the numerous…

You need a break, hon.

I really, really fucking do.

clubgetright replied to your post “will taking a xanax for anxiety and drinking coffee to stay awake work…”

maybe it’s like drinking redbull and vodka?

ginamak replied to your post “will taking a xanax for anxiety and drinking coffee to stay awake work…”

The caffeine can counteract the benzo. Best not to mix them.

For a brief moment, i considered going for a redbull/vodka/coffee/xanax combo. but, alas, i went with xanax and ovaltine. getting sleepy but my heart isn’t thumping out of my chest and i’m not on the verge of a breakdown. maybe i can get a nap in and then back to work.

I have a new bra that makes my boobs look AMAZING. Does that qualify as a brag? I DON’T CARE, BECAUSE BOOBS.

Hell yes that counts!

I love me a great bra. During one bra shopping trip, they brought me a bra that cost $112. I explained that I normally spent $60-75 so $112 was a no go. But then I tried it on and I felt myself up as I called out, “THIS BRA IS A DREAM!” It’s so damn comfortable and makes my rack look awesome. And that is now the most expensive bra I own.

Tumblr Dashboard Awesomeness. Or Fabulousness, to be more precise.

Tumblr Dashboard Awesomeness. Or Fabulousness, to be more precise.

ginamak replied to your post: loading principia-coh replied to your post:…

I love the scarf! Why did I not think of this before (I sweat like mad too)?

We bought a ridiculous amount of silk and cotton scarves at the Siam Reap Old Market, because it’s easy to bargain down when you buy a ridiculous amount. I carried one around in case I needed to cover up when going into a temple, and then used them to wipe all the sweat from my head. Which lead to me wrapping it around my head and realizing that kept ALL THE SWEAT from pouring down my face and hid my drenched hair. It’s really the best idea ever.

princessgeorge replied to your postloading principia-coh replied to your post:…

A) you both sound like delightful traveling companions. B) I share a problem with you - I don’t think my hair was ever dry the whole time in SE Asia. Have a shower, start to sweat. Maybe that one weekend at a Malaysian hill station…

We were! I had learned many lessons the year earlier with an incredibly difficult traveling companion (thank goodness for my new Xanax prescription!). On the first night, I told Angela that if she ever needed time to herself or if I was annoying her to just tell me. I’d recommend having that deal with anyone you travel with – it takes the pressure off everyone having to be in the best!mood!ever! and gives you an out when you need some time alone.

pleasant-tomorrow replied to your post: yeah, im fucked. 

i feel the same. 

judygrimes replied to your post: yeah, im fucked. 

fearless-fan replied to your post: yeah, im fucked. 

I second the gif judygrimes posted - am sending many hugs and good thoughts your way.

janine-restrepo replied to your post: yeah, im fucked. 

<3 hang in there. sending positive thoughts your way!

ginamak replied to your post: yeah, im fucked. 


emptystreetriot replied to your post: yeah, im fucked. 

Hang in there you! Sending hungs your way.

thank you all so much. xoxo. i feel so broken and disappointed and angry with myself all the time, and i just need to get. shit. done. and i don’t know why i’m not and it’s just this big reminder of all my failures. 

i wish i could flip the switch and be smart and good and accomplished.