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stars-inthe-sky answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

"Shaking my head," isn’t it? Although I always just read it as a frustrated noise.

princessgeorge answered: 

I only knew “shaking my head” - these answers informed me of “so much hate” but I’m very old vs. tumblr’s demographic

iloveyouandilikeyou replied: 

Shake my head or so much hate. Depends on context.

This is what I found out today — “shaking my head” seems so weird to me. Weird and kinda lame. It’s like a shrug — “i shake my head at you.” Why even bother posting a reaction? It’s nowhere near as aggressively silly and fun as *SHAKY FISTS OF DOOM* ;)

(none of that is aimed at you all, i was just very surprised that people use “smh” for “shaking my head” and IT FEELS SO WRONG.)

zambonirider answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

so much hate?

fulltimeprocrastinator answered:

so much hate??

principia-coh answered: 

So Much Hate

breakthecitysky replied: 

I always THOUGHT it was “so much hate” but have been repeatedly informed its “shaking my head.”

fearless-fan answered: 

So much hate - I remember hearing it actually means shaking my head, but I had been reading it as so much hate for so long that it stuck!

meinnim answered: 

So much hate. I didn’t know it also meant shaking my head.

sullenaquarian answered: 

I prefer So Much Hate.

ginamak answered: 

I always read it as “so much hate.” But then I am a terrible person.

Ha, well, if you’re terrible than I’m terrible and we’re all terrible! It makes me happy that so many more people (that responded) use it for “so much hate.”

I remember looking it up ages ago — probably when I first saw it on ONTD. It just fits “SO MUCH HATE”— and in these three small letters, it feels like that murmur under your breath when someone does something horrible or pisses you the fuck off. 

missnumbat replied to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

Sydney Morning Herald.

you win, missnumbat! from now on, i will read all frustrated SMH posts in an australian accent, decrying their anguish with their newspaper.

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your postCypanache: The Fic Edition

we will always be hopeful

that we will, darling. that we will. and Cy can totally attest to my nagging and inability to have a productive conversation stages. but they’re done with a very hopeful heart!


kyrie-anne replied to your postCypanache: The Fic Edition

This is brillant! Happy happy happy birthday Cy!

Thank you! I’m so glad that everyone got a kick out of it :)image

hplssrmntc8688 replied to your postCypanache: The Fic Edition 

This is the freaking best thing I have ever seen. I have literally been through each and every stage of this!!! Hahaha!

HA! Thank you! I started it on a whim and was very amused to see how many gifs fell into my preconceived stages and how many gifs made me think of more stages to add. (i’m particularly proud of “pains of betrayal.”)


ashisfriendly replied to your postCypanache: The Fic Edition

This is the best thing of ever.

thank you! xoxo


cypanache replied to your postCypanache: The Fic Edition




code-name-duchess answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

That makes zero sense. No, I put on pantyhose the logical way - bunch it up and start at the toes, pull up a little at a time. 

stars-inthe-sky answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

I scrunch them up, put my toes in, and pull the legs up. Is there another way to do it? If its that hard, maybe youre buying the wrong size

sullenaquarian answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

On the extraordinarily rare occasions I wear nylons (tights are more likely), I sit on my bed, pull on one leg past my knee, then the other.

EXACTLY. The plan is the same for nylons, tights, whathaveyou: Sit on your bed, scrunch ‘em up and pull one up past your knee and then do the other. Stand and pull both sides and and fix any saggy parts. 

It just isn’t that difficult!

cypanache answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

ummm, sometimes i do it that way? I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes that works for me. (Cy is ridiculous)

iloveyouandilikeyou answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

I sit on the edge of my bed and extend my legs? kind of like laying on the bed but with more ab workout-type thing?

You sit on the edge of a bed, put your feet in and then extend them forward? Or make a V with your body and do the same? 

Ladies, please explain your insane methods! 

princessgeorge replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

Nope, I’m with you. Not interesting, even as a device.

code-name-duchess replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

I’m basically just pretending that part didn’t exist.

judygrimes replied to your post: probably an unpopular opinion

nah def a popular opinion no one likes him and his five bathrooms

parksandseth replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

i agree! but i’m so happy that somebody punched him

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

not unpopular. it didn’t make sense to me, but on the whole, i’m forgetting about him in the grand scheme of the episode.

I get that he and his actions were the catalyst to get everyone back to City Hall and the Parks department, but it was poorly done. It felt stupid, in a show that is filled with absurdity yet never feels stupid. if Jamm had been a better developed character, it have MAYBE upped the stakes but it never seemed to feel like the wedding was really in jeopardy. And because there were no stakes, they went for stinkbombs which, again, felt cheesy and stupid, without even a shred of cleverness.

sullenaquarian replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

I do not understand how he can keep his job after what he did at the gala.

Ugh, I know. Unless they’re going the Dexhart route wherein NO ONE EVER HAS TO DEAL WITH REPERCUSSIONS, he should be recalled. We know he won’t resign as the only characteristic he’s been given is that he’s an asshole.

pleasant-tomorrow replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

no i’ve seen a lot of that. not a good character at all. he’s not funny to watch, just painful.

stars-inthe-sky replied to your post: probably an unpopular opinion

Nope, right there with you. I loved the end results, and the Leslie-Ron scene in the jail, but Jamm was just awful. I had the same sort of issue with Bobby Newport (who at least meant well)—they’re just not interesting opponents.

I think this is the place where Parks tends to do a less-than-great job in the later season: creating villains/opponents. It’s almost like they’re intimidated by making a whole-season villain so the ones that come out are fairly one-dimensional and cartoonish. Yet the recurring antagonistic characters — Joan Callamezzo, Marcia Langman, Tammy 2 — actually have a point of view and are far more relatable and compelling. 

The only longterm interesting opponent so far has been Jen Barkley.


strange things are afoot @ the circle k: stillscape: Ethel Beavers being super good at dating is maybe the most…



Ethel Beavers being super good at dating is maybe the most delightful tiny bit of continuity yet. Pawnee’s seniors know how to get it on.

I just hope that she practiced safe sex. We all know about the STDs in the senior community.

I feel that Ethel would be a most…

Can you see Ethel handing out condoms? “Take one, or don’t take one. Use it if you feel like it. I don’t care, do what you want.” 

That little scene makes me happy that I once had Ethel fantasizing about shirtless Chris, I must say.


This really needs to be an episode. And there needs to be 100% more Ethel Beavers on the show.


That was one of my favorite early April & Andy moments—they both like old people. And, as we saw in in “The Bubble” old people think they’re adorable.

So basically April and Andy need to work with Ethel to teach old people about safe sex. It would be perfect.

You know, with Andy working with Ben at Sweetum’s Charity Foundation, I think it makes PERFECT SENSE that he goes to check out a non-profit sexual health organization that focuses on seniors. But he needs a senior to go with him, so he takes Ethel and April ends up having to drive. And of course, hijinks and confusion abound and it’s either assumed that they’re all in some kind of polyamorous relationship or that Andy and Ethel are in a May-December romance and April is Ethel’s disapproving granddaughter.

diaphenia replied to your post: Leslie and Ben (And Us!)


i know bb. i know. me too.

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your post: Leslie and Ben (And Us!)

When I saw Toms ID, I thought the same thing. And the reveal hit me with the same emotion and depth of Citizen Knope they do it for their friends because they love them and they help each other.

Exactly. It’s been a show where they all support each other and show up for each other. I particularly love it in all the small moments like in  ”Indianapolis,” when Leslie tells Ben to go to the Snakehole Lounge with everyone after he refuses Tom’s invitation. And then he’s surprised at the small things — Donna buying him a Miller Lite, saying “that’s your drink, right?”, the easiness of his conversations with Andy (who is oddly his only confidant) and talking to Tom and genuinely wanting him to feel better about his dreams, which smell horrible. And perhaps it was Ben’s first reaction as a Pawneean when he sprays Tom’s perfume into Dennis Feinstein’s car in a show of support and revenge for Tom.

dashakay replied to your post: Leslie and Ben (And Us!)

Thats what I love so much about Parks and Rec. Its chock full of those little details that harken back to other moments, other episodes. Emotional continuity!

I think you can look at every character at the beginning of the series and right now and see their emotional and narrative arc and it MAKES SENSE. they’ve all grown — even in smaller ways like Jerry and Donna — and you can easily trace it through big and small moments. 

there is SO MUCH academic work on Joss Whedon’s work and I honestly feel like Parks and Rec offers up an incredible wealth of source material — especially for a sitcom — to do the same. 

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your postParks Revelation

Oh this could definitely make a lot of sense.

whatschutney replied to your post: Parks Revelation

I was kind of thinking the same thing. It looks like it could be a last minute thing. Ben could easily scrounge up a tux (might even own one, given their jobs) but her dress would likely be on order or still in need of alterations this far in advance.

dashakay replied to your postParks Revelation

That’s a good theory. I’m like the idea of it being Leslie and Ann “make it work time.” My other theory is that the dress is the one that Leslie actually picked out/sort of made and she either ran home and got it or it’s been at Ann’s all this time.

I’m on board with that too — that the dress has been at Ann’s and still needs alterations and the two ladies “made it work.” We know that Leslie loves herself some Tim Gunn and Project Runway. 

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your photo: For Galentines Day, Im celebrating how cute my…

it does look really cute! and i love your shirt a ton. A+

Thank you! It’s from Heartbreaker Fashion which is a fantastic company with super cute, well-made clothes.I have a bunch of dresses from there and I always get compliments on them. PLUS the people there are pretty damn awesome too — I need to write up a piece on just how wonderful they were when the post office completely screwed me over.

dashakay replied to your photo: For Galentines Day, Im celebrating how cute my…

Your hair is great but Im REALLY feeling your lipstick. What brand/color?

Thanks! I love, love lipstick like so many of the ladies on here love nail polish. I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks and most of them are various shades of red.

This particular shade is Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense #21 - Pearly Bright Red. The picture on Sephora doesn’t really do it justice — it’s a brighter red with gold specks. 

MUFE is another company that treated me incredibly well when someone else refused — then it was in 1998 and the people at the SoHo MAC wouldn’t acknowledge me when I was in their shop. The girl in the MUFE shop around the corner was just wonderful. She did my makeup, explained what she did, told me what i should get and what i could use if i already had it. I never felt pressured, and more than that, she treated me like a worthwhile human being. WHAT A NOVEL CONCEPT! So I’ve been a very loyal customer since then, even when I had to trek downtown because there was no Sephora that I knew of and certainly no MUFE in Sephora. 

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your photo: So, sadly, I had to return the Fluevogs I ordered…


they’re even more fabulous in person!

princessgeorge replied to your photoSo, sadly, I had to return the Fluevogs I ordered…

God I love Fluevogs! I should manufacture an opportunity to wear mine soon.
i do not follow your logic — why do you need to manufacture an opportunity? you should wear them all the time! 

romanticalgirl replied to your photo: I am sick and grumpy, so I’m eating mint chocolate…

I feel this is the right response.

and this is why we are friends xoxo

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your photoI am sick and grumpy, so I’m eating mint chocolate…

That is the cutest bowl ever. Where did you get it?
i got it at The Container Store a couple of years ago, probably for some random child in my life. surprising no one, i kept it for myself. for a while, i had it at my office for cereal eating, now it lives at home for my ice cream eating needs. 
it doesn’t seem to be be at the container store anymore, but i found the line here: Monster Fun Bowl & Spoon at the Joie Shop.

princessgeorge replied to your postginamak replied to your post: Reblog if you want…

I was all about John Taylor in my Duran Duran days, but Nick was my close second. The extra eyeliner on Nick intimidated me, I think.
i never quite got the whole John Taylor thing, but most of the girls I knew got all swoony over him. apparently my boys-in-eyeliner kink got triggered super early ;)

ivydoor replied to your postginamak replied to your post: Reblog if you want…

Omg. I used to do the same thing with ads, I collected Absolut ads mostly, but I did have a few others like the Guess ones. I thought they were fascinating. And Bop> Tiger Beat. XD
oooh, yes! i forgot about Absolut ads. they were brilliant and often gorgeous. i still have an Absolut pocket scarf they put out one holiday, i think it was for NY Mag subscribers :)

judygrimes replied to your postWhat are you doing New Year’s Eve? Are you looking…

wished i lived in ny - i’d celebrate with you!
awww… this year, it was sitting on the couch, watching the BBCA Doctor Who marathon and appreciating how many on my FB FL were also low key at home. but i’d ramp it up to board games if you were here ;)

ashisfriendly replied to your postugh.

i believe i pulled a muscle in my back from all the coughing, so i very much appreciate the april-level hug :)

ifangrl replied to your postWhat are you doing New Year’s Eve? Are you looking…

2012 was a horrible year for me. I thought for sure it would be great on account that I’m a Dragon and it was the year of the Dragon. But nope. It sucked pretty hard. Here’s to 2013!
it’s been a weird year for me — there have been some amazing experiences sprinkled in among a lot of stress and nervous breakdowns. i’m a Tiger and i went back to see what the last year was for me — and 2010 was not super great, but at the very end of it (feb 2011), i got the book contract. so hopefully something incredible will come to you in the next six weeks!