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omgggg cuties what are their names?

*sigh* they have the most ridiculous names and sound like they were named by 4 year olds… i’ll send you a dm ;)

just wanna say i always love your insights on how tv works <3

thank you!

i’m by far not an expert — and my experience is limited to one small corner of the TV universe — but I try to chime in when I feel that I’m reasonably educated on the topic. And I truly love television as a fan, so I try to explain what I know with that perspective in mind.

There is still a lot i don’t understand — like Bravo’s lineup, which is successful for them, but man, i really don’t get The Real Housewives franchise, or any series that revolves around people fighting. I would probably be a horrible development exec.

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Do you remember the Letter People show? If so there is your answer for me. ABCD, Follow me~

I do not! I found some videos on youtube, and thought maybe I had seen them and that would explain all of the things, but alas, they didn’t mesh up with my Alphabet people at all. (Most were the wrong gender and G was super creepy!) Thanks for the suggestion, though!

afiercehopefulbadger answered your post: 

When I was younger I used to assign genders to letters, but I can’t do it anymore. Apparently that was a form of synesthesia

That’s very interesting! I’ll need to look into that more. My letters definitely have very distinct genders, and several have very specific familial relationships. 

I also have phases where I see the words in front of my face when other people are speaking (occasionally when I say them). It was very strong in college, but not so much lately. I’ve never quite found a reason for that either, although i don’t think it’s anything particularly special.

nepheletempest answered your post: 

I don’t have personalities for them, but there are certain letters I just don’t like very much. Necessary, but I don’t like their looks.

Ha! I get that! There’s none that I like less, per se, I’m just upset with them for how they treat others. Like N — N is SO SO mean to P, when P never did anything to N. And is honestly kind of oblivious to N’s hate since P just wants to be with his love, Q. 

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No, but that’s awesome and I wish I did.

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i do not but i super want to hear about yours now

stillscape answered your post: 

I don’t, but now I want to write this as a children’s book.

I’ve had a few people suggest that to me - that might be my next project as I’ve never actually written it down. I will definitely share it when I do :)

whatschutney answered to your post:

No. But I do have a thing about odd numbers (they are evil and I avoid them whenever possible) that I am told is not normal.

I don’t have issues with odd numbers, but I get VERY uncomfortable at the end of the year when we’re going into an odd-numbered year. I feel much more comfortable and safe when we’re going into an even-numbered year.

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Oh my god do i spot a Goonies print there? Noice. *high fives* Also, i take it the snowflakes are the entry? It’s pretty cool, i like it. It works. Also YES DONNA NOBLE.

Yes you do! It’s James Hance’s Goonies as Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band print. 

Each of the snowflakes have a show logo on it — it’s my commentary on our programming ;) 

I’m still looking for a great Donna Noble piece. I like the one I have, but it feels off and her hair is dark. But it has “the most important woman” on it which makes me super happy. (The tattoo on my inner right arm says “one shining moment.”)

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LOVE the wall of awesome ladies but it’s missing a picture of you

:p one day i hope to do something awesome enough to earn a space on my wall :)

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Poor unfinished owl has been shoved in a drawer and forgotten about, I’m afraid.

If only you gave her a cardigan, she wouldn’t be so sad, alone and cold. 

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I love you so much for this.

It is so happy-making! You needed it! Everyone needed it!

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i never played but i’ve seen people ~struggling, so you go girl!!

It truly is like candy-flavored crack. I’ve told people just starting to walk away, don’t get involved. It will only lead to madness! 

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man, i totally need an awesome bra that fits perfectly. i mean, i don’t //need// a bra at all, really, but i’d like a cute one that fits awesome, all the same.

Pshaw — if you want to wear a bra, it should be an awesome bra! I primarily have recommendations in the larger sizes, but there are great bras out there for the smallest of us ;) Just avoid Victoria’s Secret. Great nylons, crappy bras. 

judygrimes replied to your post “I needed new mascara so I got the Benefit They’re Real one based on your timely recommended and omg where have you been all my life”

my go-to concealer is from make up for ever! it can be tricky to find a shade that works for my complexion and discovering mufe was a lifechanger

It really is! It’s like finding an awesome bra that fits perfectly — both of these things are very important! 

I need a heavier coverage, preferably matte, makeup and I know that they’ll have what I need. And their lipsticks smell like clove, which makes me happy.

top 5 shows, top 5 makeup products, top 5 things that happened at work

top 5 makeup products

+ I like Kat Von D’s line a lot. Her Lolita lipstick is my go-to neutral.

+ Always, always, always: Make Up For Ever’s Pearly Bright Red lipstick.

+ I generally use Benefit’s “They’re Real” Mascara. However, it’s a bitch to get off and no matter what i do, i look like a raccoon in the morning.

+ NARS blush. I can’t find the palette I have — it’s a great six-color one, although I only really use two.

+ Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, the original. This is in my bag no matter where I go.

Honorable mention to Coastal Scents. I really like the company, their make-up and brushes are great. 

top 5 things that happened at work

I’ll skip specific job particulars (i made people’s lives easier and fought to keep things on-message!) and list the fun stuff. i think some of the most fun i’ve had this year has been with teen wolf.

+ SDCC was a blast, from the awesome panel that filled a room of over 4k (we had almost fllled a room of 1300 in NYCC October 2012 so more than doubling that was mind-blowing), seeing how many people come out for the signing — their excitement and love for this show and these actors that we have the same excitement and love for, watching the actors be bowled over by the love and support of the fans — even to the point of us saying, “no, you cannot go run over there and say hello because we are REALLY behind schedule and need to be at X right now,” meeting the Carver twins and becoming completely enamored with the awesome people they are and geeking out over british crime drama shows with Daniel Sharman which started from my dorky admission of my glee over seeing him on Inspector Lewis.

+ Writing Teen Wolf hashtags for each episode and seeing them trend on Twitter was truly amazing. (And it was pretty fantastic when i fought for #StilinskiFamilyFeels in several emails, finally winning out and seeing it trend in the US and worldwide.) Watching people’s reactions to my very short comments both there and on tumblr is an incredible real-time experience. (and getting a shout out at the SDCC panel for one of my hashtags.)

+ Writing and producing (though not shooting) all the wraps for the finale marathon. It was an endeavor with many moving parts but i think it all came out great in the end.

+ Falling in love with Catfish from the beginning and prosthelytizing about it any chance i could get. (Also very satisfying as i tend to be the Life cereal Mikey — of “hey, mikey likes it!” fame — of our department so when i love something and it does really well, it makes me so happy.) I’d harass my series connection for new episodes and would call her 10x and episode with flaily hands and a ridiculous amount of questions.

+ Being so dorky that i couldn’t ask to go to an MTV News taping with Nick Offerman that a beautiful tropical fish of a friend took pity on me, got me an invite to be on-set and I had a really nice convo afterwards with him about his American Ham show which i compared to a Garrison Keillor/Eddie Izzard crossover, which he liked.

top 5 shows

Returning Shows:
+ The Good Wife
+ Justified
+ Longmire
+ Grimm (it’s not the best show ever, but i really like it esp once they’ve gotten over the whole bad Julia’s memory plot line. Plus, MONROE!)
+ The Golden Globes 2013 hosted by Amy and Tina ;)

New shows:
+ Sleepy Hollow
+ Catfish (second season not quite as good)
+ The Blacklist
+ The Originals (although it’s starting to lose me lately)
+ VEEP (Season 1, still haven’t seen S2)

Also, House of Cards. I didn’t LOVE it, but i NEEDED to know what happened next so i’d watch 4-5 eps in one viewing.

There are a lot of shows I don’t watch that I’m sure are on a ton of other lists, like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, etc. I tried Orphan Black and while i thought the main actress was excellent, i never went back after ep 4. I’m still enjoying Homeland, but nothing like the first season NEED to see each new episode immediately (but thank goodness Dana is off my screen.) And Parks, man. While there have been episodes I’ve enjoyed, I have had no urgency to watch it most of this season.

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Your room sounds more interesting than my room.

That is entirely possible — however, i’m sure that my room is far more of a messy hoarder’s nest than yours is. (i wish i was being hyperbolic. it is getting better, though.)


(a small sampling of pasties and a kitty annoyed that i’m not cuddling her.)

judygrimes replied to your post “i’ve also found a ton of pasties while cleaning, and a small bag of…”

i want pasties!

i will make you pasties! just tell me what colors you like and if you want tassels or not. 







I mean Joss Whedon literally got away with having a male character call a woman a “whiny cunt” but because it was in Ye Olde English it went over the censors heads and everyone one tumblr fucking ate it up and you call that dork a fucking feminist? please miss me with that bullshit

writers are not their characters

Are you trying to say that what happens in movies, games and comics isn’t real?

Of course they are real! If an author writes a character committing murder, it’s literally the same as if that author got away with murder!

This is a very difficult week. Do we like Joss Whedon because he thinks everyone who supports equal rights for women is a feminist, or hate him because one of his characters said cunt once?

We hate him dislike him (hate is a strong word I’m sure he’s a ~*great*~ guy) because he hates the word “feminist” (I’m not even exaggerating he lit’rally said he did, down to the use of the word “hate”) and because he thinks that we live in world that is beyond racism, sexism, etc.

(Remember that time his Asian-American sister-in-law wrote a song called “Nobody’s Asian in the Movies” for one of his movies? Do you think she’d agree that we are past issues of race and gender?)

Also we hate him are not sure why he thinks his opinions on the language of feminism are relevant and we are confused as to why he’s trying to prescribe the new label  of “genderist” when we already have the term “sexist.” We are also unsure why he’s trying to tell women how to frame gender issues at all when he is not in fact a woman.

Personally, I think the whole hating “feminist” and wanting to use “genderist” thing is ridiculous so I’m not going to argue there. But i do want to address your question about why does he thinks his opinions on feminism/language of feminism are relevant. It’s because the media makes them relevant. It’s because people ask him over and over again "why do you write these strong women characters?" 

(Joss’s main role model growing up was his mother, Lee — a very staunch feminist who taught/inspired Jessica Neuwirth and was a great support to her when she was starting up Equality Now with her partners. Lee passed away before it was fully launched and Joss has been very vocal in his support for it, thus most of the fan charity projects (like Can’t Stop the Serenity) donate their money to Equality Now. And, thus, he is asked to speak at several of their events like the one at which he gave this speech.)

And that “strong female characters” speech, while done for effect, is not that much of hyperbole. I’ve read just about every interview with Joss that I could find and it really is overwhelming when you see how many times “feminist/feminism/strong female characters” are mentioned. He’s defined as feminist (often self-defined), asked about feminism in this way of “you are a MAN, why are YOU such a feminist?.” and held up on this pedestal for creating BUFFY, THE FEMINIST ICON. And he’s asked to explain things like why feminism is such a difficult thing for people and why it’s so difficult to get a female superhero movie made. Need a quote about feminism in an article? Go ask Joss Whedon. 

I’m not saying that he hasn’t courted some of it — he certainly has. But Buffy premiered in 1997 — that’s 16 years of him being vocal about pushing a feminist agenda, especially in a time when you didn’t hear many proudly proclaiming themselves a feminist. (Even today, it’s still treated like a dirty word, “i’m not a feminist because…” — and before anyone jumps on me for all the social/classist/racist etc reasons one refuses to call themselves a feminist and align themselves with the “feminist movement.” the statement is usually ended with something like, “i don’t think women are better than men. we’re all equal!” which misses the idea entirely.) So, does Joss get a cookie for thinking ladies are just as important as men? No. But I’ll give him some kudos for saying it and calling out the importance of representation in the face of Marvel, which is his home but has no lady superhero films in development and has Stan Lee saying things like "The thing is the women like these movies as much as the guys, so we don’t have to knock ourselves out to find a female."

I completely understand the issues that people have with Joss, and in particular, Joss and feminism. But I don’t think that he is pushing his way out onto every available bully pulpit to expound upon his views on feminism. The problem, to me, is not that Joss talks about feminism but that he’s become the de facto voice for it in Hollywood because much of the media is too lazy to seek out more people to add many more diverse voices into an important conversation.

Can someone please to be writing me a fic on the drunken texts that Ben sends? Or that Leslie and Ben send? 
How about a &#8220;five times&#8221; challenge from the girl who never writes anything?
c&#8217;mon. you know you want to. i&#8217;ll even get drunk and send you texts for inspiration if you&#8217;d like, 

Can someone please to be writing me a fic on the drunken texts that Ben sends? Or that Leslie and Ben send? 

How about a “five times” challenge from the girl who never writes anything?

c’mon. you know you want to. i’ll even get drunk and send you texts for inspiration if you’d like,