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clubgetright replied to your post “in happier news… i’ve been rewatching “The Closer.”  I so love Brenda…”

I used to love The Closer so so hard… I will definitely have to schedule a re-watch!

It really stands up so far. I’m well into S3 and there’s so many little things that I’d forgotten, and I’m really impressed at how deftly they showed Brenda’s character soften and become a leader instead of the initial dictator position she was used to holding, and expected to be, when she arrived in Priority Homicide. And I love how utterly confident she is in herself and her abilities.

princessgeorge replied to your post “in happier news… i’ve been rewatching “The Closer.”  I so love Brenda…”

I loved that relationship a whole lot too. Really great.

They’re SO SO wonderful to watch. I like Fritz so much, and how he’s both dependable and completely open with his feelings both in love and frustration/anger. And how he makes Brenda, who constantly has 80 million possibilities running through her brain as she tries to sort out which one is correct and key to solving a murder, he makes her focus on the issue at hand and continually pushes her to declare her desires and feelings when all of her training has shown her how to “win” by perceiving everything and taking herself out of the equation. 

Like I said, I’m only into season three but I’m falling in love with them all over again :)

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in happier news… i’ve been rewatching “The Closer.” 

I so love Brenda and Fritz’s relationship. I love the way they developed the characters from their courtship through their marriage, with big problems and small, and very much demonstrating the idea that marriage is often choosing to love someone over and over again.

I would like that, yes. 

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princessgeorge replied to your post “ugh, yesterday kicked my ass. actually, the whole week kicked my ass….”

They’re sort of adjacent to a lot of interesting questions about family/career but aren’t taking them on and don’t seem likely to. Which is a missed opportunity.

That’s a fantastic point. Plotwise, this is the second “oops” pregnancy — not just in the series, but in this season. They did “my life is empty/worthless with a baby” with Ann. Considering how much of the series is about Leslie and her career and ambitions, I would have much preferred them asking those questions instead of it just being a repeat of “oops” and “our lives are worthless without babies!” 

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ugh, yesterday kicked my ass. actually, the whole week kicked my ass. yesterday just pushed me over. i’ll catch up on life… eventually.

princessgeorge replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

I’m about the same - I’ll watch but I’ll let it pile up, and it’s just nowhere near as good as it used to be. Which still makes it an OK show. But I’m not really invested. (Aside: I need to talk to you abt Fleuvogs, will msg you!)

I feel the way I did about HIMYM — i kept watching although i didn’t really care about anyone anymore. It wasn’t until Barney’s manipulation of Robin, where he broke her down again and again, was brushed away with “oh, but it’s okay because he proposed and isn’t that the most romantic thing ever?!?” that i was so angry that I gave it up. 

I’m not angry with Parks, just disappointed. I just checked my TIVO and realized that i missed even more than I thought, and I have very little interest in checking them out. That makes me sad — I miss the excited anticipation, the ache I had for everything to come in those 30 minutes. I’m sad that at 10pm on a Thursday, i realize that I’d forgotten that Parks was even on that night.

slackmistress replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

I feel like it’s become about the situations and not about the characters. (I feel the same way about Community, too) That always ruins it for me.

From the Parks season premiere, I was disappointed in how the writers seemed to forget who their characters were — well, aside from RON BEING ALL-KNOWING SAGE. And with forgetting who their characters are, their character arcs and paths feel patched together rather than the deliberate and lovely arcs they’d had in seasons earlier. I agree, we don’t need wacky situations — the show handled wacky in the most entertaining and engaging way when it was placed in relatable situations. 

(Aside from the premiere, I haven’t seen Community this season, but i can see that happening.)

rikyl replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

That’s too bad but understandable. I don’t really trust this show like I used to, in regards to how they’re going to handle this.

I’m a big believer in “trust the tale, not the teller,” but I don’t trust the show at all. I honestly feel like the endgame is now “hey, wasn’t it funny that i wanted to be President? That was so dumb of me — HAVING BABIES IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT!” We’ve already seen them spend two seasons explaining why Ann and Chris were a bad match only to turn around and say “HEY! BABIES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN A COMPATIBLE RELATIONSHIP! EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE BABIES!”

And with Diane getting pregnant, that’s three pregnancies in one season. Is it lazy storytelling or a deliberate message that the only important thing in life is to have babies? I’m just not interested in following the Ann and Leslie sharing their pregnancy/labor/child-rearing adventures. 

Part of why I’m so disappointed in that is because the show did such a wonderful job of illustrating the idea of making a family out of your friends, and now it seems to be saying that kind of family is nothing and worthless compared to the one you procreate. 

diaphenia replied to your post “my not surprising unpopular parks & rec opinion [[MOR] i haven’t…”

Fair point

I was so excited to have an awesome lady who loved her life, her husband, her relationships and was unapologetically ambitious in her career. Even if they don’t decide to make Leslie give up on her grand-scale political ambitions, they will inevitably be weighed against the “can she have it all?” question that is never, ever posed to men. 

I completely respect that Schur, Poehler et al have the right to guide their series the way they want, but I don’t know if it’s something that interested in joining along anymore. 

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I SAY THIS WHENEVER WEIRD THINGS HAPPEN (in my head because I got so many weird looks when I used to say it aloud)

Seriously who doesn’t say this when weird shit goes down?

This has been my tagline/title on just about everything, especially this tumblr since the moment i made it. (for a brief period in time, i thought about getting it tattooed on me.)

i love this movie beyond the telling of it.

(Source: oldfilmsflicker)

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High School Is Forever



It’s early. I’m nervous. I’m waiting out the morning rush hour so I can drive to high school. It’s not my high school. I’m 33. It’s been ten years since I taught high school and fifteen years since I attended high school. I’m going to a high school to talk about mental illness, which is a thing…

You should read this.


Although i’m not bipolar, so much of this resonated with me — most of which being the part about the boots. I do the same thing. I’ve often mentioned how most of my shoes are Fluevogs, but I have a select few that I wear when I’m going to an event where I’ll be nervous/anxious/onthevergeofanutterpanicattack. They’re the ones that make me the happiest, but more importantly, they’re the ones that people compliment regularly. They are my armor and my secret weapon to make people like me without realizing it. They are worth every one of the hundreds of dollars that i spend on them because they have paid me back tenfold in strength and comfort.

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The Nogitsune also spent a few days at the MTV office and terrorized us with annoying riddles. I blame Kira’s mom. 

I love when a ridiculous conversation turns into a ridiculous idea that people get ridiculously excited about (although the ridic excited might have been just me and the nogitsune at first) and we get to make a wonderfully ridiculous video.

Bonus points:
+ Can you make out my lisp? ;)
+ Check out my mad Nogitsune-cosplay skillz!
+ Notice that the patch is an exact replica of the proper patch!

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you think you know, but you have no idea.

seriously. i’m done. and when *i’m* done, it’s bad. 

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random thought for today:

I was informed that someone didn’t recognize me right away because my hair was wet and looked dark. They knew me as the girl with the blue hair. (Said person only sees me a couple of times a year, so that’s pretty fair — i’m always surprised when anyone remembers me at all.)

I wonder if there’s more people who think of me as “the girl with the blue hair.” it’s funny to me because while i *know* my hair is blue, i never think about it until i see my silver-grey roots coming in.

(and it’s far more preferable to being recognized for my lisp. weeks before learning my name, the boy i dated in college referred to me as “the cute girl with the lisp.”)

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stars-inthe-sky answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

"Shaking my head," isn’t it? Although I always just read it as a frustrated noise.

princessgeorge answered: 

I only knew “shaking my head” - these answers informed me of “so much hate” but I’m very old vs. tumblr’s demographic

iloveyouandilikeyou replied: 

Shake my head or so much hate. Depends on context.

This is what I found out today — “shaking my head” seems so weird to me. Weird and kinda lame. It’s like a shrug — “i shake my head at you.” Why even bother posting a reaction? It’s nowhere near as aggressively silly and fun as *SHAKY FISTS OF DOOM* ;)

(none of that is aimed at you all, i was just very surprised that people use “smh” for “shaking my head” and IT FEELS SO WRONG.)

zambonirider answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

so much hate?

fulltimeprocrastinator answered:

so much hate??

principia-coh answered: 

So Much Hate

breakthecitysky replied: 

I always THOUGHT it was “so much hate” but have been repeatedly informed its “shaking my head.”

fearless-fan answered: 

So much hate - I remember hearing it actually means shaking my head, but I had been reading it as so much hate for so long that it stuck!

meinnim answered: 

So much hate. I didn’t know it also meant shaking my head.

sullenaquarian answered: 

I prefer So Much Hate.

ginamak answered: 

I always read it as “so much hate.” But then I am a terrible person.

Ha, well, if you’re terrible than I’m terrible and we’re all terrible! It makes me happy that so many more people (that responded) use it for “so much hate.”

I remember looking it up ages ago — probably when I first saw it on ONTD. It just fits “SO MUCH HATE”— and in these three small letters, it feels like that murmur under your breath when someone does something horrible or pisses you the fuck off. 

missnumbat replied to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

Sydney Morning Herald.

you win, missnumbat! from now on, i will read all frustrated SMH posts in an australian accent, decrying their anguish with their newspaper.

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