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i watch a lot of television. a lot.
and i talk about fandom and television in general a lot.
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I feel the need to make you a mix (8track), got a theme you want me to explore? My go-to film to cheer up is Holiday (the 1933 film with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant).

oh, thank you! that would be lovely!

i just got some sad news so anything in the “buck up little camper, your heart is broken but it’ll get better… eventually” would probably be very nice. xo

This is slightly embarrassing, but the last time I felt like you do the only music that could snap me out of it was The Backstreet Boys. :) I doubt I know of any great TW fics that you haven't already heard of, as I'm pretty new to the fandom - but I recently started rewatching My SoCalled Life (with plans to start on Roswell when I'm done!) and I think it holds up really well. Feel better, bb!

oh friend! that is not embarrassing at all! After seeing *NSYNC live (from the fifth row!), I wrote: 

It’s like pure-pop-prozac and I want more.

I still wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Pop music can make me so happy, which is something i often forget. thanks for the reminder!

I actually haven’t read many TW fic (scandalous, i know!) — I’m not always moved to read a lot of fic for shows I love. (Veronica Mars, perfect example. Adore the show beyond the telling of it — don’t know if I’ve read more than 5 fic. Oddly, the one I do remember is the brilliant VM/TW crossover "How to see in the dark.")

I def need a MSCL rewatch, but it’s one that will need to come a little later as it’ll make my heart hurt as much as it’ll make it soar :)

How's it going? I'm trying to think of a good TV show or comic but I can't because I'm seriously behind everyone else. I'm still catching up on Hawkeye, for cryin' out loud! You should get to Rat Queens, though. It's very different.

I have the GN, so that’s definitely high up in the queue! I also have the graphic novel for iZombie, which I picked up because Rob Thomas is doing the series and I wanted to know the source material. 

@nepheletempest replied to your post “Im with u on the sad feel, guess it’s contagious. I would say read Hawkeye if you haven’t because it’s AMAZING.”

Three for Hawkeye. :)

HA! okay, so now i know who i can get all flaily hands with. and i’m guessing breakthecitysky will also wholeheartedly rec this as well ;)

tacanderson replied to your post: “i’m in bit of a sad, down headspace. for no reason and all reasons. i…”:

Invader Zim always cheers me up.

oh my goodness! it’s been ages since i watched Invader Zim, I will do that!

true story: many, many, many moons ago when IZ was on its first run on Nickelodeon, Jhonen Vasquez came in to do a talk at work. it wasn’t a pitch meeting — anyone from any channel could go. i’d been reading Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, so I went — and absolutely fell in love with this crazy, wonderful world. Vasquez gave out copies of the IZ bible he’d made for the series — i know it’s somewhere in my house, as i’ve refused to ever let it go.

hope you're okay. I've been re-watching Studio 60, which is always fun. I've been reading Revival, Saga & Fatale - they're all excellent. Music... Fitz & the Tantrums will make you want to dance, Head & The Heart is wonderful. First Aid Kit & Secret Sisters are wonderful.

i’m okay, just have a lot going on and most of it is very exhausting and reminding me of how i keep failing at getting. things. done. 

I’ve SO wanted to read Saga and Fatale, but they are of the OMG THERE ARE SO MANY ISSUES AND I HAVE TO START AT THE BEGINNING AND I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME RIGHT NOW TO READ ALL THE THINGS variety. i look at both of them each time i’m in the store, then issue numbers like #22 scare me away. but they’re on the list. i don’t know Revival - i’ll look it up, thanks! and thank you for the music suggestions!

So I purchased Ms Marvel #6 but haven't read it (or the proceeding comics) yet, mostly because I purchased it on a whim and never read comics. Do you love it, and will I love it?

YES! I love it and I’m completely new to the title so I think you will love it too. Kamala’s fantastic — you should def start from #1 because they just started her story and it’s so easy to catch up very quickly! 

Im with u on the sad feel, guess it's contagious. I would say read Hawkeye if you haven't because it's AMAZING.

ha! two for hawkeye! okay — that will be my next splurge. 

and yeah, something is up and i’m just… it’s not good. it’s not terrible, but it’s not good. 

"Going Deep with David Rees" is funny, interesting, and pretty light. Ten episodes are on Hulu. And perhaps I'm a bit biased but I think you'd enjoy "Hawkeye" -- easy to jump in at #1.

Hawkeye — oh really now? ;) actually, i was at a store near me and i was going to pick up your run because you are awesome and i’m just going to look for band-aids as easter eggs in each issue. (that’s my head canon that i will not change ;))

i’m not sure why i didn’t. probably because i do feel very intimidated by anything that i can’t start at the beginning-ish. so, for stupid people like me, do i just go and find Vol 4, #1 and go from there? 

oooh, Going Deep with David Rees looks great! just did a scroll on NGC and the title “Seriously, Trees are Awesome” clinched it. As well as “paper airplanes: the musical.” i’m def going to check that out — thank you!

Whenever I need some cheering up i like to listen to the ergs! Dorkrockcorkrod but I've been listening to owen's new leaves on repeat lately.

i have never heard of any of these things! i will check them out — thank you!

when i’m angry, i listen to The Exploited’s “Sex and Violence” on repeat.

when i’m very very sad, i listen to Pink Martini’s “Hang On, Little Tomato” on repeat.

when i need some general cheering, i listen to The Pogues’ “If I Should Fall From Grace With God” on repeat.