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Awesome Happy Post That You Should Read (Again)


First, Adam Abernathy became a face of the Prop 8 opposition in 2008 because he loved his gay mormon husband, Dave Ferguson.

In 2012, Adam desperately needed a kidney transplant and it turns out that Dave was a great match. Then their story of love and support and generally being awesome people turned into an even bigger and better one when they decided to become part of an altruistic kidney-donation chain.

A soon-to-be wed gay couple, a retired teacher and his wife, and two pairs of fathers and sons were among those whose lives were changed one extraordinary day this week when a 35-year-old single mother of four from North Carolina donated a kidney to a stranger in New York.

“I’m not losing nothing,” Honica Brittman said this week, sitting in a blue and white hospital gown before surgery in which she would give, for free, the initial kidney in a chain of five kidney transplants at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center.

“To actually help somebody live a little bit, a lot longer, that’s an awesome thing,” she said…

The chain started with Brittman, who donated a kidney to a 39-year-old television producer whose fiancée and partner of more than 10 years donated to a businessman from upstate New York.

In turn, the businessman’s son, a college-age student who felt that for being healthy and the youngest of four sons, he should step up on behalf of his father and donate one of his kidneys to another young man, a 23-year-old originally from Haiti.

His father then donated to a retired teacher from New Jersey.

Here’s a video piece on them:

(Full disclosure: Adam is a great friend of mine and I love him dearly. This story would warm my heart, make me optimistic for the world and cry happy tears even if i didn’t know him.)

Reblogging this because Adam and Dave got pronounced “Husbands for Life” YESTERDAY (YAY! and YAY NEW YORK!) and the New York Times published their OFFICIALLY MARRIED wedding announcement:

Adam Abernathy and David Ferguson

"The brain, it seems, does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience and encountering it in real life; in each case, the same neurological regions are stimulated. … The novel, of course, is an unequaled medium for the exploration of human social and emotional life. And there is evidence that just as the brain responds to depictions of smells and textures and movements as if they were the real thing, so it treats the interactions among fictional characters as something like real-life social encounters."

"In two studies, published in 2006 and 2009… individuals who frequently read fiction seem to be better able to understand other people, empathize with them and see the world from their perspective."

I’m totally skipping past the whole “novel” and “great literature” aspect and using this to explain why I *must* continue to read all of the fanfics I want — because my brain likes it AND it’s good for my brain. and of course, I must read ALL OF THE SMUT, because my brain likes it AND it’s good for my brain ;)


New York Times Middle East Correspondent Anthony Shadid dies while on assignment in Syria


New York Times Middle East Correspondent Anthony Shadid dies while on assignment in Syria


About 90 prisoners have been cleared for transfer out of Guantánamo. Some of them are from countries like Syria or China — where they would face torture if sent home — or Yemen, which the United States considers unstable. And so they sit as captives, with no end in sight — not because they are dangerous, not because they attacked America, but because the stigma of Guantánamo means they have no place to go, and America will not give a home to even one of them.

On Sunday, July 24, 2011, New York became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Hundreds of couples applied to be wed at the City Clerk’s office in Manhattan. Below is a selection of 20 couples who said “I do.”

(there’s pictures AND audio. go check it out!)