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You know, with Andy working with Ben at Sweetum’s Charity Foundation, I think it makes PERFECT SENSE that he goes to check out a non-profit sexual health organization that focuses on seniors. But he needs a senior to go with him, so he takes Ethel and April ends up having to drive. And of course, hijinks and confusion abound and it’s either assumed that they’re all in some kind of polyamorous relationship or that Andy and Ethel are in a May-December romance and April is Ethel’s disapproving granddaughter.

After all, it is canon that Sweetums makes condoms…

(maybe in old-people candy flavors? Wintergreen, praline…let’s see, what other candy flavors do old people like? Chocolate-covered cherry, which has the additional advantage of sounding dirty)

Ethel should be the spokesperson for Sweetums Condom’s new “Hard Candy” line.

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