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I *do* sit in dark movie theaters for two hours and knit, although sometimes I have to look. Depends on the pattern. And fair enough about the clothes, although I wonder if that has anything to do with how crocheting takes up way more yarn than knitting does--maybe people therefore tend to crochet less clothing in general, so there's less demand for patterns?

HA! see! you’re one of those! ;)

i think i mentioned this before — i pretty much lived in the same building as my grandparents until i was just over 4, so i spent a lot of time with them. my grandma would teach me (over and over) how to crochet a chain, and i would sit and make superlong chains. my theory is that my fingers have crocheting muscle-memory and try as i might, knitting just does work with them. i’ve taken classes and such and i just can’t get it to work. 

and now you have me interested in researching how crocheting and knitting were developed and in what areas they were most prominent. i have a bunch of 1940s doily and embellishment pattern books, all for crochet — i would guess that it was easier to do more intricate patterns that used thinner thread with a crochet hook, and much faster to knit clothing and such with thicker yarns with long knitting needles.

(i do hope you know all my mockery is in jest — i tried to get that across in my phrasing, esp the tag “knitting is dumb because i can’t do it” ;)) 

To answer your tags on the crocheted Groot doll -- all the best amigurumi are crocheted because crocheting is the best and knitting is dumb. A fact of which I can declare truthfully because I can't knit no matter how hard I try, but crocheting comes easily to me. ;)


Hey now, no hating on my craft of choice. You don’t see me coming into your house and insulting the way crotchers eat up cheap yarn or whatever seems insulting on this front…?

I figured it actually has to do with the fact that it’s simpler and easier to make things with a small circumference when you just have the one hook—knitting can get kind of confusing once you start factoring in DPNs and/or the Magic Loop method, even if you know what you’re doing. (I can do both no problem now, but it’s always a little precarious.) 

And anyway, these kinds of patterns are always written for crochet…perhaps it’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

oh pshaw, you knitters are all “it’s so easy! i sit in dark movie theaters and just knit for two hours! i never even have to look!” 

i see your reasonable rationale and choose to ignore it because the cute clothing patterns i see are almost always for knitters, so i think having the cutest amigurumi patterns being crochetable is just the universe’s way of evening things out :)