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You are trapped on a desert island with one fan lady for one year. Who is it? How long before you descend into cannibalism?



I’ll take stars-inthe-sky. She’s probably read enough fics to have a backlog of ideas for potentially getting off said island, and she’s vegetarian, so I know she won’t try to eat me. 

I’m not going to announce when I’ll descend into cannibalism because I’m assuming the trick to killing the other person is for them not to expect it. 

Heck, I don’t even need fic to have the solution to that problem for you:

Although, in response to princessgeorge, I’m actually a pescetarian, so we would be competing at least for fish.

I’m looking forward to reading your memoir about this year, “Competing For Fish”

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rikyl replied to your post: the book is done. like fully done. all…

Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

stillscape replied:

*confetti party* and all the hugs for you! CONGRATS!

THANK YOU ALL! I’m still in shock that it’s all being sent to the printers. (And that the first official review that came in was really positive!)

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YAY YOU GO NAP. oh wait you have to go be a human adult. Dammit. But YAY YOU.

This whole week has been about being a human adult. I am not a fan of it. And every time I fall asleep, I pass out for 10 hours, which i’m also not a fan of. I have things to do!

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THE BOOK IS DONE!!! So proud of you, bb. And take a little rest. You’ve earned it and deserve it. <3333

i truly owe a lot of my path to you and tracy. your support and encouragement kept me going and gave me such confidence at a time when i had none in myself at all. xoxo

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AMY! AMAZING! I’m so fucking happy for you! :D :D :D If you need someone to write things for popgurlies and have an idea of what content you need…

whatschutney replied to your post: the book is done. like fully done. all…

Hooray! Congratulations! And, if you need writers for popgurls, feel free to keep me in mind.

THANK YOU! I’ll shoot you both an email tonight :)

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Tell me when you start doing press so I can pitch interviewing you to places please? I don’t know if they will want it, but I think it would be cool at least!

I will! I need to follow up with my marketing/pr people this week and I will definitely check in with you asap. THANK YOU!

evafortuna replied to your post “Does anyone else have personalities set for every letter in the alphabet?”

Do you remember the Letter People show? If so there is your answer for me. ABCD, Follow me~

I do not! I found some videos on youtube, and thought maybe I had seen them and that would explain all of the things, but alas, they didn’t mesh up with my Alphabet people at all. (Most were the wrong gender and G was super creepy!) Thanks for the suggestion, though!

afiercehopefulbadger answered your post: 

When I was younger I used to assign genders to letters, but I can’t do it anymore. Apparently that was a form of synesthesia

That’s very interesting! I’ll need to look into that more. My letters definitely have very distinct genders, and several have very specific familial relationships. 

I also have phases where I see the words in front of my face when other people are speaking (occasionally when I say them). It was very strong in college, but not so much lately. I’ve never quite found a reason for that either, although i don’t think it’s anything particularly special.

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I don’t have personalities for them, but there are certain letters I just don’t like very much. Necessary, but I don’t like their looks.

Ha! I get that! There’s none that I like less, per se, I’m just upset with them for how they treat others. Like N — N is SO SO mean to P, when P never did anything to N. And is honestly kind of oblivious to N’s hate since P just wants to be with his love, Q. 

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No, but that’s awesome and I wish I did.

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i do not but i super want to hear about yours now

stillscape answered your post: 

I don’t, but now I want to write this as a children’s book.

I’ve had a few people suggest that to me - that might be my next project as I’ve never actually written it down. I will definitely share it when I do :)

whatschutney answered to your post:

No. But I do have a thing about odd numbers (they are evil and I avoid them whenever possible) that I am told is not normal.

I don’t have issues with odd numbers, but I get VERY uncomfortable at the end of the year when we’re going into an odd-numbered year. I feel much more comfortable and safe when we’re going into an even-numbered year.

Alas, today was not much more productive due to intense stress stomach aches and chest pains that would not go away for hours. Because being congested and achy wasn’t enough.

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Are you watching anything good?

I had caught up on proper tv when I got home Thursday and was so achy that i couldn’t get off the couch. After the double-feature of two rather violent episodes of Justified and True Detectives, I was in need of slightly lighter fare.

I watched Blue Jasmine, several Midsomer Murders episodes and the last two Murdoch Mysteries. Then I dug into House of Cards ep 9 and was up until 4am because I thought “Chapter 25” was the last S2 episode but it was a LIE (in my head). So I finished the last ep this afternoon.

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that sounds like a great day to me!

It would have been if I didn’t feel so oogy! But I didn’t feel guilty — which i normally do when i spend the day on the couch — because standing up was very much not an option ;)

breakthecitysky replied to your post “i’ve spent the day* on the couch watching tv. in my defense, i’ve been…”

Wishes I was closer so if it were acceptable we could veg on the couch together.

Indeed! And I first read that as “vag out” which is a great term for ladies vegging out and marathoning ridiculous television and eating tasty snacks.

stillscape replied to your post “i’ve spent the day* on the couch watching tv. in my defense, i’ve been…”

I prescribe more sleep and TV. And tea.

I started the green tea today. There’s been a lot of sleep, and I fear how I will function tomorrow because I absolutely have to go into the office where i will most likely get the third headache in a row and yet will not be able to nap when i want to.

stillscape replied to your post “Today will be a PRODUCTIVE SNOW DAY.  + I need to bake. I bought a…”

I vote brownies.

That’s a good call — it’s been a long, long time since i’ve made brownies. Do you have a recommended recipe? 

"Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before you get a chance to get it in the door."



I said this to a friend today. Right after, I thought, “Hey, that’s good advice.”

And then I realized that it’s a big guiding principle of my life. 

I think that there is so much of a push for people to get their name out there, and it’s easy to fall into the train of though that blanketing the world with your resume is the best plan because SOMETHING has got to hit, right? But cold-calling/cold-emailing a ton of people, ESPECIALLY a ton of people in the same company or department, will more often work against you than for you.

Here’s the thing: People Talk To Each Other. If you spam several people in one department OR hit them up on Facebook looking for a job, they will talk about the Annoying Person. You DON’T want to be the Annoying Person. The Annoying Person has shot themselves in the foot before they can even be considered, and they will most likely be passed over.

I know that Facebook can be very good for networking (and I’ve reached out to several people on it for interviews), but if it’s the only way that you can reach out to someone — start with a personal introduction, don’t start with asking for something. How would you react if a stranger came up to you and immediately asked for something? 

One thing I’d highly recommend is the informational interview — where you ask to talk to someone about what they do and the field they are in. Not only do people usually like to talk about what they do, but it’s an easy way to help a virtual stranger out. I’ve connected people for informational interviews, and it’s SUCH a good way to make new connections in a field that interest you, but that you don’t currently know anyone working in it. 

It’s a good way to get your foot in the door, and you haven’t shot yourself in the foot with your approach.

And approach! Oh my goodness, the STYLE of approach is KEY. There’s the whole spamming issue, but it’s also tone. Confidence is great, being to overbearing and pushy is not. Nothing turns off someone faster than if you come off entitled and demanding. I know it’s difficult to find a job but always remember that whomever you are reaching out to is already dealing with their own job responsibilities, stress and lives. Their job is not to find you a job.

I actually started this post to be far more broad, but I apparently have a lot of feelings about job-seeking. I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but I hope it helps those who do. 

I just stumbled across this again and felt it was worth a repost.


princessgeorge’s thoughts on the matter

stillscape’s thoughts on the matter — with great points about cover letters and letters of recommendation

me ranting a little more on the subject of respect

While I was preparing for an alumni/student event tomorrow, stillscape reminded me of this post… probably one of the better ones I’ve written and I standby it 100%. I will also be cribbing from her and princessgeorge’s fantastic posts.

If you’re looking for a job, especially if you’re newly out of school, definitely read through this and their posts for some very good and applicable advice. 

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This is why I never watch any show like that live, these days. Highlights + tumblr gfs + articles in the next day help me so much haha

I wanted to watch it for Amy & Tina, but I was so, so uncomfortable with that speech that I decided that it was best I avoid the rest. And of course, by this morning, someone had edited together all their parts — score! 

stillscape replied to your post “i have spent much of today pondering when i should head out to…”

Answer: never; order one from Amazon. Problem solved!

I ended up going out late Saturday because I needed to get hair dye, which turned into a trip at Target. Where apparently there was a flash-mob of hot glue gun buyers, as there was not one left in the store. Which lead me to Michaels (yes, that should have been the first stop, but Target is closer to Sallys), and now I’m all set.

I’m now fascinated by this thing — I always used E-6000 or ModPodge before — it’s great for molding things to a shape but damn, it cools really easily (or burns the skin off my hands).

My secret pen pal fic has been finished for two years at this point, but you should probably publicly shame me into finishing my other WIP.

AND your secret pen pal fic has epilogues and deleted scenes and commentary tracks! i love re-reading it all :)

i feel a little bad about shaming you, but i will do what is necessary to help you grow. is there anything in particular that i should mention or point out? 

i’m torn between making you a video a la Leslie’s iMovie (because that’s about my skill level when it comes to videos), or a gif shaming post a la cypanache’s birthday post.

This is important.

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FWIW, I have a very tiny but unexpectedly busty friend who’s had luck with Calvin Klein in the past…

Oh, I have great bras — I’m just always looking for new recs :) I found the Town Shop in 2003 and it changed my life. I walked in wearing a 38DD and walked out in a 34G. (I’ve gotten fatter since then.) I rather like Freya, Fantasie, Panache and Chantelle. I got Prima Donna’s Madison bra at Jenette Bras a couple of years ago and though I initially balked at the price tag, it seriously fit like a dream and is one of my favorite bras ever. Last year I got a great Gossard push-up bra (yeah, i was surprised too, didn’t realize it was push-up when i ordered it) on sale at Asos. 

stillscape replied to your post “stars-inthe-sky replied to your post “stars-inthe-sky replied to your…”

Damn you both. I just ordered three bras online because Nordstrom sale.

And now i feel comfortable blaming you for putting “bra sale” in my head which sent me from Nordstroms to three bra sites and finally ended up buying a ridic amt of bras at the Gossard sale.