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lokiloo replied to your post “my (probably) last post on the refashionista OMG!SCANDAL!”

Wow I am blown away by people and their need to find fault in everything

As much as I like tumblr for bringing issues and events to a much larger audience, some people really need to rethink their priorities. 

missnumbat replied: 

Great post.

diaphenia replied:

I love everything this post chooses to be. The way tumblr lost their minds over this lady is precious.

XOXO ladies :)

and yes! i just… i try to come up with other descriptions but I keep coming back to “precious.” I also particularly love how 98% of the people commenting never actually looked at her blog and made all these judgements on a post that someone else made. 

sullenaquarian replied:

Oh Tumblr. You get offended so fucking easily. (Wait, I’m a white, straight, cis-gendered, middle-class Jewish American. I’m pretty sure just writing this reply would offend someone in Tumblr Land).

Hrm. You’re right. Are you sure you’re not triggered by sparkles? Or possibly you’re not a lady, but in fact an otherkin and you just didn’t know what your pronoun options are. (Trying to help you knock some of the pegs out of your privilege to get you more credibility on Tumblr.)


That is really insightful, thank you! I’m still annoyed by NBC, but now I understand them a little better.

Also, dammit Clooney!

Oh good! I try to be helpful! TV marketing/promotion can be such a weird world with so many moving pieces — launch campaigns vs. episodic promotion; show production schedules vs. promo production schedules; omg!clearances — and something that seems so obvious (give a show more promotion = get more viewers) doesn’t always work the way one would think. 

And dammit Clooney, indeed! He’s always ruining things! 


Somehow NBC fucking over Parks one last time makes perfect sense. And it brings up the chicken and egg question: did Parks do poorly in the ratings because of the constant time slot moves, hiatuses, and lack of promotion, or did NBC not bother promoting Parks properly and take it off the air for months at a time because the ratings weren’t good enough to treat it better?

hi! since i have other things to do, my brain has decided it’s far more important to answer your somewhat rhetorical question about promotion!

i preface this with the fact that i do not work for NBC, so this is just an educated guess: 

In general, TV ratings are down year to year - a lot of which is due to DVRs and time-shifted viewing. Parks has held its own, but it’s a show that’s going into its 7th season, and despite all the hype it’s had from critics and industry folks in the past three years, the audience hasn’t grown. That being said, its ratings have been pretty stable week to week, no matter when it airs or how much promotion it gets. Which means that the fan base, while small, is dedicated and dependable to tune-in whenever/wherever it airs, no matter how many promos NBC runs. 

As a fan, it’s ridiculous to have to hunt down when a show is airing, or when it’s coming back from hiatus. But as a network, NBC has 10-20 series that it needs to promote weekly, in addition to the local series that each affiliate has to promote. So the (minimal) time available for series promotion is of a very high premium and a network is going to put more time and money into promoting a new show because it needs to create audience, or a show in it’s 2-4th year because they have a financial investment in the series that’s doing well enough to be renewed and young enough to keep building an audience. Add to that the big event episodes (“George Clooney as Olivia’s new gentleman caller — or will he be her murderer? ON THE NEXT SVU!”), and the promo time available will be cut down for a solid series that does the same with or without promotion, without a huge narrative to hook new viewers in. 

Sometimes it’s not the lack of promotion, it’s just the fact that the show doesn’t have as broad of appeal. That’s not a comment on Parks — it’s just the frustrating state of affairs.

Okay, you Mindy Project people — all your gif sets, posts, squeeing is putting that show on my hospital/recovery* list. you win. i should be caught up by the end of the month. 

(*not minor but not major. pretty routine. all should be fine.)

Say Anything! Oh my God, I think you're right. Hmm, did you spot a boombox in any of the photos?

i didn’t! but it looks like a pretty 80s prom, especially with April’s lace gloves and ben carrying vinyl in milk crates. feeling super super Lloyd Dobler to me :)

stars-inthe-sky answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

"Shaking my head," isn’t it? Although I always just read it as a frustrated noise.

princessgeorge answered: 

I only knew “shaking my head” - these answers informed me of “so much hate” but I’m very old vs. tumblr’s demographic

iloveyouandilikeyou replied: 

Shake my head or so much hate. Depends on context.

This is what I found out today — “shaking my head” seems so weird to me. Weird and kinda lame. It’s like a shrug — “i shake my head at you.” Why even bother posting a reaction? It’s nowhere near as aggressively silly and fun as *SHAKY FISTS OF DOOM* ;)

(none of that is aimed at you all, i was just very surprised that people use “smh” for “shaking my head” and IT FEELS SO WRONG.)

zambonirider answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

so much hate?

fulltimeprocrastinator answered:

so much hate??

principia-coh answered: 

So Much Hate

breakthecitysky replied: 

I always THOUGHT it was “so much hate” but have been repeatedly informed its “shaking my head.”

fearless-fan answered: 

So much hate - I remember hearing it actually means shaking my head, but I had been reading it as so much hate for so long that it stuck!

meinnim answered: 

So much hate. I didn’t know it also meant shaking my head.

sullenaquarian answered: 

I prefer So Much Hate.

ginamak answered: 

I always read it as “so much hate.” But then I am a terrible person.

Ha, well, if you’re terrible than I’m terrible and we’re all terrible! It makes me happy that so many more people (that responded) use it for “so much hate.”

I remember looking it up ages ago — probably when I first saw it on ONTD. It just fits “SO MUCH HATE”— and in these three small letters, it feels like that murmur under your breath when someone does something horrible or pisses you the fuck off. 

missnumbat replied to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

Sydney Morning Herald.

you win, missnumbat! from now on, i will read all frustrated SMH posts in an australian accent, decrying their anguish with their newspaper.

clubgetright replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

She is so boss (well her ‘90’s work anyway. I can’t really get behind her more recent songs). My seminal Liz Phair album is Whip-Smart.

Her 90s stuff is by far the best… “Polyester Bride” is another song that resonates with me on all the levels. (I also love “Ride” and Johnny Feelgood” from whitechocolatespaceegg)

stars-inthe-sky replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

On the other hand:

That is brilliant. She probably picked the wrong plaid.

sullenaquarian replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

I got Shirley Manson, which delighted me because she’s awesome. However, I don’t quite know how I got that result since I’m not nearly as cool.

you are obviously cooler than Shirley Manson, as she didn’t even get herself!

rikyl replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

I got Bjork? Huh, I don’t know about that.

This is my new headcanon for what you’re doing whenever I think about why you’re not writing ;)


scullyseviltwin replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”


Can I be the Jimmy the Cabdriver to your Alanis?

sullenaquarian asked: Your top 5 episodes of TV this year (Web series count as well)

that’s SO HARD!

The Good Wife: “Hitting the Fan”
Justified: “Decoy” and “Get Drew”
Doctor Who: “The Day of the Doctor”
Longmire: “Election Day”

30 Rock: “Hogcock” and “Last Lunch”
Go On: “Un-erned Run”
Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23: “A Reunion…”
Parks and Rec: “Leslie and Ben”

(Which makes me realize that in my top 5 shows, i totally missed Elementary, Don’t Trust the B and Go On.)

marinatinginmyawesomeness replied to your post “i’m making a new playlist called “and you can go fuck yourself.”  …”

"Thank God And Greyhound You’re Gone" by Roy Clark

sullenaquarian answered your post: i’m making a new playlist…

I Just Wanna Get Along by the Breeders

Thanks! I’ll check those out!

stillscape replied to your post: i’m making a new playlist…

I feel like there’s gotta be at least one appropriate PJ Harvey song…

Good call — I’ll go through her stuff. Thanks!

I keep running into break-up songs, which is not the vibe i’m going for (although some have made it on my list)… rather a “fuck you/who do you think you’re fucking with” theme. So far I’ve got:

LL Cool J — Mama Said Knock You Out
Azealia Banks — 212 
Kanye West — Stronger
Christina Aguilera — Fighter
Fiona Apple — Sleep to Dream
Liz Phair — Help Me Mary
Bob Dylan — Positively 4th Street

sullenaquarian replied to your post “can carrie’s baby secretly be quinn’s and they run off together and…”

I want that on my DVR.

it would be SO SO GOOD! 

And did i mention nearly-nekkid Quinn?

beebsandthings replied to your post “can carrie’s baby secretly be quinn’s and they run off together and…”

Brody who? ;-)

Exactly ;) (Although I do adore Damian Lewis. I just wish I he could get Sarah Shahi and go back and do more seasons of Life.)