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sullenaquarian asked: Say Anything! Oh my God, I think you're right. Hmm, did you spot a boombox in any of the photos?

i didn’t! but it looks like a pretty 80s prom, especially with April’s lace gloves and ben carrying vinyl in milk crates. feeling super super Lloyd Dobler to me :)

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stars-inthe-sky answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

"Shaking my head," isn’t it? Although I always just read it as a frustrated noise.

princessgeorge answered: 

I only knew “shaking my head” - these answers informed me of “so much hate” but I’m very old vs. tumblr’s demographic

iloveyouandilikeyou replied: 

Shake my head or so much hate. Depends on context.

This is what I found out today — “shaking my head” seems so weird to me. Weird and kinda lame. It’s like a shrug — “i shake my head at you.” Why even bother posting a reaction? It’s nowhere near as aggressively silly and fun as *SHAKY FISTS OF DOOM* ;)

(none of that is aimed at you all, i was just very surprised that people use “smh” for “shaking my head” and IT FEELS SO WRONG.)

zambonirider answered to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

so much hate?

fulltimeprocrastinator answered:

so much hate??

principia-coh answered: 

So Much Hate

breakthecitysky replied: 

I always THOUGHT it was “so much hate” but have been repeatedly informed its “shaking my head.”

fearless-fan answered: 

So much hate - I remember hearing it actually means shaking my head, but I had been reading it as so much hate for so long that it stuck!

meinnim answered: 

So much hate. I didn’t know it also meant shaking my head.

sullenaquarian answered: 

I prefer So Much Hate.

ginamak answered: 

I always read it as “so much hate.” But then I am a terrible person.

Ha, well, if you’re terrible than I’m terrible and we’re all terrible! It makes me happy that so many more people (that responded) use it for “so much hate.”

I remember looking it up ages ago — probably when I first saw it on ONTD. It just fits “SO MUCH HATE”— and in these three small letters, it feels like that murmur under your breath when someone does something horrible or pisses you the fuck off. 

missnumbat replied to your post “Poll Question: What does SMH mean to you?”

Sydney Morning Herald.

you win, missnumbat! from now on, i will read all frustrated SMH posts in an australian accent, decrying their anguish with their newspaper.

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clubgetright replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

She is so boss (well her ‘90’s work anyway. I can’t really get behind her more recent songs). My seminal Liz Phair album is Whip-Smart.

Her 90s stuff is by far the best… “Polyester Bride” is another song that resonates with me on all the levels. (I also love “Ride” and Johnny Feelgood” from whitechocolatespaceegg)

stars-inthe-sky replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

On the other hand:

That is brilliant. She probably picked the wrong plaid.

sullenaquarian replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

I got Shirley Manson, which delighted me because she’s awesome. However, I don’t quite know how I got that result since I’m not nearly as cool.

you are obviously cooler than Shirley Manson, as she didn’t even get herself!

rikyl replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”

I got Bjork? Huh, I don’t know about that.

This is my new headcanon for what you’re doing whenever I think about why you’re not writing ;)


scullyseviltwin replied to your post “I’ve tried Buzzfeed’s Which 90s Alt-Rock Grrrl Are You quiz a couple…”


Can I be the Jimmy the Cabdriver to your Alanis?

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sullenaquarian asked: Your top 5 episodes of TV this year (Web series count as well)

that’s SO HARD!

The Good Wife: “Hitting the Fan”
Justified: “Decoy” and “Get Drew”
Doctor Who: “The Day of the Doctor”
Longmire: “Election Day”

30 Rock: “Hogcock” and “Last Lunch”
Go On: “Un-erned Run”
Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23: “A Reunion…”
Parks and Rec: “Leslie and Ben”

(Which makes me realize that in my top 5 shows, i totally missed Elementary, Don’t Trust the B and Go On.)

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marinatinginmyawesomeness replied to your post “i’m making a new playlist called “and you can go fuck yourself.”  …”

"Thank God And Greyhound You’re Gone" by Roy Clark

sullenaquarian answered your post: i’m making a new playlist…

I Just Wanna Get Along by the Breeders

Thanks! I’ll check those out!

stillscape replied to your post: i’m making a new playlist…

I feel like there’s gotta be at least one appropriate PJ Harvey song…

Good call — I’ll go through her stuff. Thanks!

I keep running into break-up songs, which is not the vibe i’m going for (although some have made it on my list)… rather a “fuck you/who do you think you’re fucking with” theme. So far I’ve got:

LL Cool J — Mama Said Knock You Out
Azealia Banks — 212 
Kanye West — Stronger
Christina Aguilera — Fighter
Fiona Apple — Sleep to Dream
Liz Phair — Help Me Mary
Bob Dylan — Positively 4th Street

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sullenaquarian replied to your post “can carrie’s baby secretly be quinn’s and they run off together and…”

I want that on my DVR.

it would be SO SO GOOD! 

And did i mention nearly-nekkid Quinn?

beebsandthings replied to your post “can carrie’s baby secretly be quinn’s and they run off together and…”

Brody who? ;-)

Exactly ;) (Although I do adore Damian Lewis. I just wish I he could get Sarah Shahi and go back and do more seasons of Life.)

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code-name-duchess answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

That makes zero sense. No, I put on pantyhose the logical way - bunch it up and start at the toes, pull up a little at a time. 

stars-inthe-sky answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

I scrunch them up, put my toes in, and pull the legs up. Is there another way to do it? If its that hard, maybe youre buying the wrong size

sullenaquarian answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

On the extraordinarily rare occasions I wear nylons (tights are more likely), I sit on my bed, pull on one leg past my knee, then the other.

EXACTLY. The plan is the same for nylons, tights, whathaveyou: Sit on your bed, scrunch ‘em up and pull one up past your knee and then do the other. Stand and pull both sides and and fix any saggy parts. 

It just isn’t that difficult!

cypanache answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

ummm, sometimes i do it that way? I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes that works for me. (Cy is ridiculous)

iloveyouandilikeyou answered your question: I was listening to the Brian Lehrer show in WNYC…

I sit on the edge of my bed and extend my legs? kind of like laying on the bed but with more ab workout-type thing?

You sit on the edge of a bed, put your feet in and then extend them forward? Or make a V with your body and do the same? 

Ladies, please explain your insane methods! 

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princessgeorge replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

Nope, I’m with you. Not interesting, even as a device.

code-name-duchess replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

I’m basically just pretending that part didn’t exist.

judygrimes replied to your post: probably an unpopular opinion

nah def a popular opinion no one likes him and his five bathrooms

parksandseth replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

i agree! but i’m so happy that somebody punched him

iloveyouandilikeyou replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

not unpopular. it didn’t make sense to me, but on the whole, i’m forgetting about him in the grand scheme of the episode.

I get that he and his actions were the catalyst to get everyone back to City Hall and the Parks department, but it was poorly done. It felt stupid, in a show that is filled with absurdity yet never feels stupid. if Jamm had been a better developed character, it have MAYBE upped the stakes but it never seemed to feel like the wedding was really in jeopardy. And because there were no stakes, they went for stinkbombs which, again, felt cheesy and stupid, without even a shred of cleverness.

sullenaquarian replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

I do not understand how he can keep his job after what he did at the gala.

Ugh, I know. Unless they’re going the Dexhart route wherein NO ONE EVER HAS TO DEAL WITH REPERCUSSIONS, he should be recalled. We know he won’t resign as the only characteristic he’s been given is that he’s an asshole.

pleasant-tomorrow replied to your post probably an unpopular opinion

no i’ve seen a lot of that. not a good character at all. he’s not funny to watch, just painful.

stars-inthe-sky replied to your post: probably an unpopular opinion

Nope, right there with you. I loved the end results, and the Leslie-Ron scene in the jail, but Jamm was just awful. I had the same sort of issue with Bobby Newport (who at least meant well)—they’re just not interesting opponents.

I think this is the place where Parks tends to do a less-than-great job in the later season: creating villains/opponents. It’s almost like they’re intimidated by making a whole-season villain so the ones that come out are fairly one-dimensional and cartoonish. Yet the recurring antagonistic characters — Joan Callamezzo, Marcia Langman, Tammy 2 — actually have a point of view and are far more relatable and compelling. 

The only longterm interesting opponent so far has been Jen Barkley.

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hrm. for people who like to be spoiled for parks — how spoiled do you want to be for the wedding episode? 

i just came across two clips which explain A LOT Of the things that people were wondering about, but they’re obviously towards the beginning of the ep so it’s not going to ruin things. 

I posted them here:

Wedding Assignments:

Super Awesome Moment That Made Me Giddy:

I’m very curious to hear what you think!

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Have to disagree with Aziz here. My probem with Jamm is that there are so many horrible politicians IRL, and even though Parks often parodies modern politics, there’s a kindness too. Jamm is just one-dimensionally mean and not at all funny. I find it really difficult to rewatch scenes that he’s in, and unfortunately his scenes are almost always with Leslie. Just a huge misstep on Schur et al.’s parts, IMO. I don’t watch Parks to suffer through mean assholes. 

As a Parks castmember and longtime Glaser fan, I am biased, but Jeremy Jamm might be the best TV villain since Gus Fring.

I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been having a really difficult time with Jamm — he irritates me the whole time he’s on the screen — and you nailed why: Jamm is just one-dimensionally mean and not at all funny. 

For a good villian, he needs to have his own viewpoint, his own code that he lives by because he doesn’t walk around going “i’m the villain.” He’s not there simply to set up the hero’s next line of dialogue.

We’ve never been giving a real perspective for Jamm aside from “I’m an asshole, and I do what I want.” He wants Leslie’s bathroom and he wants Paunch Burger to go in Lot 48, and he wants to tell people that they got “Jammed.” So he’s selfish, has a big ego and doesn’t care about anyone — why should we care about him? The show hasn’t given us any reason to. 

Hell, Seinfeld’s nemesis Newman is a far more compelling sitcom villain than Jamm.

And don’t make him beat your ass down for hearing your lame comparison, Aziz: 

You come at the king, you best not miss.

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